The Colby Career Center offers both creative and innovative programs that augment student career development and life skills.

books Career Center Hours
OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm
CAREER CENTER LIBRARY HOURS: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm
DROP-IN HOURS: No Drop-in hours over the summer; call or stop by to make an appointment.
Our Resume and Cover Letter Guides can be found on Colby CareerLink along with our new resource Optimal Resume an on-line resource to help you create your resume.

To make an appointment with a counselor you must call, 207-859-4140, or stop by the office located on the first floor of the Eustis building Room 107.

Office-Based Resources
Our in-house library has updated books and editorials on specific career fields, directories, books on resume writing, interviewing skills, and graduate school information.

PPEP, a program unique to Colby College, is a four-year curriculum that inspires success through a sequence of practical workshops, information sessions, and related programming. PPEP embraces students by connecting them to fellowships, internships, job shadowing, Jan Plan and employment opportunities, and graduate studies. PPEP integrates alumni, parents, faculty, and recruiters into Career Center programming.

Each year, PPEP offers three primary workshops that students complete to advance through the program. The workshops—self-assessment, career exploration, and communication competence—present life skills necessary for individual, academic, and professional development.

Career counseling is the foundation of career services, and encompasses aspects of self discovery, career exploration, building experience, application processes, and interview preparation, to name just a few. Students are required to call or visit the Career Center to schedule an appointment with a counselor. Appointments are scheduled for 30 or 45-minute blocks of time. From September to mid-November the office is extremely busy and students often must wait a number of days before an appointment time becomes available. As students approach exams and end of the semester coursework, traffic slows. January, traditionally a slow time with many seniors off campus, has become markedly busier with underclassmen seeking help on summer job searches. The first half of spring semester remains busy with students seeking interview and recruiting advice.

Entrepreneurship is emerging as a critical workforce development initiative across the nation. The Career Center’s entrepreneurship program benefits all Colby students, regardless of major or career path. The Entrepreneurial Alliance educates and mentors Colby students on the principles of entrepreneurship and works in partnership with Colby alumni and parents as well as the local community to prepare students for Colby’s Spring Business Competition.

Experiential learning is critical for today’s college students. Internship funding offers Colby students an opportunity to learn skill sets and competencies outside the classroom. Many Colby students take advantage of internship opportunities during Jan Plan, the academic year, and the summer months. Internship funding supports students’ experiential learning, offering financial assistance for unpaid placements throughout the world. Financial assistance awards money for students’ living expenses, including transportation, food, and housing.

The Career Center is a central point of information about all required testing for graduate school, the foreign service, and national teacher examinations. A complete stock of application booklets is also maintained.

A videotape is made of a simulated interview between a student and counselor. This is then used, along with counselor feedback, to coach the student on content, delivery, and nonverbal communications.

The Career Center has increased alumni and parent interaction with current students, creating more opportunities for students to gain insight into the many careers Colby alumni and parents enjoy. Industry specific affinity groups provide both alumni and parents an opportunity to network and mentor current students regarding particular careers and job functions. Complimentary, career conversations with alumni and parents enhance mentorship and knowledge sharing with current students. Students also have access to searchable on-line alumni databases (Colby Alumni Network and Colby Alumni and Friends LinkedIn portal) and are encouraged to contact members of the Colby community.

The Pre-Med Academy Jan Plan pairs up to 20 Colby pre-med students with MaineGeneral-affiliated physicians in the Waterville area for intensive job shadowing and clinical observation experience. Each student develops and completes a project of benefit to the practice of his or her supervising physician and spends time reflecting on his or her experience through group discussions centered on relevant readings.

Career Center programs include alumni panels and speakers on a variety of career areas, programs during Family Weekend and Homecoming, the Alumni Weekend, participation in first year student orientation, and on request workshops with residence halls. We also begin each year with a Senior Meeting to remind students of the services we offer that are particularly important for senior year, as well as to alert them to approaching deadlines.

Currently, the Career Center offers three programs for students and recruiters.

  • On Campus Recruiting – Recruiters arrange a visit to Colby to recruit students for both postgraduate employment and summer job/internship opportunities.
  • Off Campus Recruiting – The Career Center participates with other like programs to host recruiting opportunities in Boston, New York, and Portland.
  • Resume Referral – A service offered to recruiters who may not have the means to visit campus. We provide students with a job description, collect resumes, cover letters, and writing samples, and forward all documents to the recruiter.


The Career Center offers workshops on many general topics related to resume writing, interviewing, summer job searches, self-assessment, and recruiting advice. Workshops are also provided on specific career fields, such as the “Finding a Job in…” series.

Web-Based Resources
A collection of links to different exploration resources, including Spotlight on Careers, Facts on File,, FOCUS, and alumni profiles.

The Colby Alumni Network Database is maintained by the Office of Alumni Relations, and contains alumni contact and career information. Students can sign up to view the database though an appointment with a career counselor or at the Alumni Center to use this database. Students are able to contact alumni for information on careers, jobs, and internships.

All events, programs, recruiters, resume deadlines, job listings, career planning handouts, and advising information is currently visible on the Career Center website. Email newsletters and announcements are also sent on a regular basis.

A collaboration with 30 Liberal Arts colleges called LACN (Liberal Arts Career Network) offers additional resources and a collection of job and internship listings.

Information about fellowships is available to students.

A collection of helpful links regarding graduate schools and testing resources.

A collection of resources for setting up internships, including the internship handbook, links to fill out an internship application, and funding options.

A collection of links to job search resources, including CareerSearch,, and the Liberal Arts Career Network.

An informational page detailing services available for alumni through the PPEP. Details on reference files, alumni networking, PPEP, and counseling are given. There are also descriptions of how alums can help Colby students through recruiting and career mentoring.

An informational page detailing ways Employers can interact with Colby students. Details are given on PPEP, on-campus interviews and informational sessions, Consortium programs, job posting, joint Colby/Bates/Bowdoin recruiting, and the Liberal Arts Career Network.

An informational page detailing ways parents can help Colby students through mentoring, employment opportunities, internships, as well as a section listing the services we offer. Phone numbers and email addresses are also provided.

A collection of articles that students can download and read regarding resumes, cover letters, interviewing, summer jobs, and career planning which can be accessed through Colby CareerLink.

Additional Resources
The office provides a full range of job-oriented resources: Web-based recruiting software with 24/7 access from residence halls and study abroad locations, job and internship listings, the office calendar of events, a website with helpful links to career information and downloadable handouts, videotaping equipment for recording mock interviews, and two self-evaluation computer programs that match student interests with possible majors and careers. The career resources library contains an extensive collection of information on job-search techniques, permanent and summer jobs, and graduate schools.

Specific programs include a recruiting program that brings representatives from graduate and professional schools to the campus in the fall and from a wide variety of employers throughout the year. Consortium programs with other institutions allow for the opportunity to interview with an array of additional firms and organizations at single locations in Portland, Boston, and New York. An active program of cooperation expands recruiting opportunities with other peer colleges and universities.

Colby is proud to provide excellent resources to assist its students in preparing for the world of work and graduate education. We encourage prospective students and their parents to visit the Career Center on the first floor of the Eustis Building.