Colby Connect is a four-year career development curriculum that inspires success through a sequence of practical workshops, information sessions, and related programming. Colby Connect embraces students by connecting them to fellowships, internships, job shadowing, Jan Plan and employment opportunities, and graduate studies. Colby Connect integrates alumni, parents, faculty, and recruiters into Career Center programming.

Each year Colby Connect offers three primary workshops that students complete to advance through the program. The workshops—self-assessment, career exploration, and communication competence—present life skills necessary for individual, academic, and professional development. The table below depicts the four-year workshop sequence.

Class Year Primary Workshops Goals
Connect to Self & Community (first year) Self-assessment: Exploring interests and majors

Career Exploration
: Learning the Colby Career Center resources

Communication Competence
: Communicating with confidence
Engage the Colby community

Assess yourself for new challenges

Meet and network with faculty members

Collect information about your experiences

Explore majors

Do a “gap analysis” of your skills

Explore the impact of study abroad
Connect to Skills (second year) Self-assessment: Mapping competencies

Career Exploration
: Researching and obtaining a campus job, job shadow, internship, summer employment or volunteer opportunity

Communication Competence
: The narrative: telling your story
Pursue a Jan Plan or summer internship

Participate in job shadow experiences

Explore and describe your leadership style

Develop a career exploration plan

Choosing a major
Connect to Careers (third year) Self-assessment: Comparative assessment, mapping competencies to industries

Career Exploration
: Industry profiles

Communication Competence
: Communication etiquette
Conduct focused career field research

Expanding your professional Development

Explore and plan for fellowship

Learn and practice interview skills

Financial responsibility
Connect to Future (senior year) Self-assessment: Your equity

Career Exploration
: Company and graduate school profiles

Communication Competence
: Persuasion: five minute pitch
Prepare for new challenges after Colby

Identify strategies to meet goals

Develop & practice communication skills

Apply to graduate school and fellowships

Refine your interviewing skills

Expand your professional network


Additional Career Center Workshops and Events

  • Finding a job in… career series
  • Fellowship awareness and application process
  • Financial responsibility
  • Planning for graduate school
  • Employer/graduate school information sessions
  • Alumni and parent panels and focused meetings
  • Speed networking
  • CAN weekend of alumni career panels and networking opportunities
  • LARC and BARC: Boston and NYC interviewing days and job fair
  • Senior meetings
  • Collaborative programming with academic departments and administrative offices

Portfolio Binder
The Career Center will provide Colby Connect portfolio binders to participating first-year students during Jan Plan. The students will use the binders to keep all Colby Connect assignments and student records organized. Binders have inserts that outline the curriculum for each of the four years, including workshops, collaborative programs, and information sessions.

Visit the Career Center. Sign up for Colby Connect during your first year Jan Plan at one of the Colby Connect Orientations. Explore careers, set strategies for meeting personal goals, and receive guidance on résumé writing, cover letters, interviewing tips, and networking.

Inspired Success
Through collaborative initiatives, programming and technologies, a strong connectivity within the Colby community supports students’ future endeavors. Come visit the Colby Career Center.

To learn more about Colby Connect or to provide additional assistance, please call the Colby Career Center at (207) 859-4140.