Congratulations to the winners of fourth annual, 2013-2014 EA Spring Pitch Competition: (Cristian Garcia ’16) took home $10,000 in seed money, while Engage NOW (Jonathan Sommer ’14) walked away with $5,000 in funding.

You can view a video of the competition by clicking here.

More information can be found below on both of these enterprises:

Cristian Garcia ’16
Major: American Studies

Biznector is a resource for young or growing companies to quickly find and partner with trusted warehousing and fulfillment service providers. We screen every company listed on our database for reliability using a 10-point checklist. Users can filter through the database by service, capability, or industry as well as by government or business accreditations. A marketplace for classified jobs facilitates interactions between users and listed companies.


Jonathan Sommer ’14
Major: Government
Minor: Chinese

ENGAGE Now prepares Chinese students planning on studying at colleges and universities in America for their time in the United States. The program specifically aims to overcome cultural differences and language barriers through one-on-one Skype consultations. ENGAGE Now Skype tutors are distinguished student leaders who are enrolled at a U.S. college or university. Chinese participants sign up for a minimum of 10 consultations that each address a different topic, such as “do’s and don’ts in U.S. culture,” “how to do small talk,” and “American sports and entertainment.”


The Entrepreneurial Alliance hosts an annual business competition that awards start-up capital to the most promising student enterprise (for-profit or non-profit). The students are evaluated on their 5-7 minute pitch to a panel of judges, including local industry leaders, alumni, and parents.

Student participants in the EA have access throughout the year to workshops, information sessions, and/or collaborative programming designed to assist them in developing their ideas, refining their enterprises, and preparing their pitches. Either individually or as part of a team, student participants are expected to research and compose entrepreneurial principles. In other words, the criterion within the Spring Business Competition can focus on integrating both critical and creative approaches to entrepreneurship.

The winner(s) of the Competition will be the entrepreneur(s) who have demonstrated, through real world accomplishments, that their project/idea is the most “funding ready” enterprise in the alliance for that year.

Please find below details for the 2013-2014 EA Spring Pitch Competition:

Date: Saturday, April 26, 2014
Time: 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
Location: Ostrove Auditorium, Diamond Building, Colby College

Below is a list of student entrepreneurs, along with their enterprise, participating in this year’s competition:

Thabiso Kunene ’15 – Agric Exchange Swaziland (Pty) Ltd
Mackenzie Kennedy ’16 – Akiba
Muheb Esmat ’17 – Anzoor
Cristian Garcia ’16 – Biznector
Jonathan Sommer ’14 – Engage Now
Charlie Madden ’15 – engageU
Tommaso Montagni ’17 & Krenar Roka ’17 – Pack Mules
Jonathan Kalin ’14 – Party with Consent

You can find out more about the entrepreneurs and their enterprises–and even give them your vote of support–via the competition’s crowdvoting platform: