The winner(s) of the annual Business Competition are the entrepreneur(s) who demonstrate, through real world accomplishments, that his/her/their project/idea is the most “funding ready” enterprise in the alliance for that year.


2013 Winners: Photons and Gopinion


Gift Ntuli ’14, Majors: Physics and Geoscience

Photons is a social enterprise that seeks to address the problem of unavailability of electricity in rural Zimbabwe. We sell affordable solar rechargeable lanterns in remote places of Zimbabwe through contract with rural schools. Fifty percent of the profit is channeled towards Light ZImbabwe, a charity organization that provides solar lamps to poor orphans for studying at night and to internally displaced families in Zimbabwe.


Joe Tagliente ’13, Major: Economics

Gopinion is a consumer reporting service that collects data using micro surveys through a user facing mobile application and web application. This data is then collected and presented in real-time to the business dashboard, which allows managers and executives to manage their businesses’ customer service level. Gopinion provides real-time, viable data about how their business is running provided by customers. Customers are offered immediate rewards for completing micro surveys and are able to redeem those rewards through their mobile device. Presently, Gopinion is in the development stage. Gopinion will be launching in March 2013. Although currently still in development, Gopinion has numerous beta testers in place such as Legal Seafood, Burger King, and Sears holdings.


2012 Winner: RentPrefs

Matthew Boyes-Watson ‘12, Major: Economics

RentPrefs, now Jumpshell (, collects comprehensive renter information through its apartment preference survey. An algorithm uses the survey responses to provide the renter with compatible matches from realtor inventories across the city of Boston. The renter responds to the best matches. RentPrefs aggregates all of the renter’s information, including their availability for a showing, and delivers it to the realtor.


2011 Winners: My Fresh Company LLC and Our Homegrown Collective

My Fresh Maine LLC:
Marcus Josefsson ‘13, Major: Economics-Mathematics
​Danny Garin ‘13, Major: Economics and Government
​Noah VanValkenburg ‘13, Major: Government

My Fresh Company LLC owns and operates the e-commerce website, which serves as an online farmers’ market. Each participating farm has its own “virtual storefront” that allows customers to read about the farm, view pictures, and purchase fresh produce and artisan goods. All orders ship directly to the customer within 48 hours of purchase.

Our Homegrown Collective:
Benjamin Weinberger ‘11, Major: Biology; Concentration: Environmental Science

Our Homegrown Collective is a Chicago-based social enterprise that emphasizes healthy, organic eating and the “eat local” movement by starting and maintaining vegetable gardens in people’s yards. Our Homegrown Collective will utilize resources from its own farm and will employ high school students, while also educating them on organic gardening principles but also providing them with business development and management experience.