2017 Winners: EuroPiste and SplitShorts



2017 Teams


Mike Remondi ’17

Have you ever wished you could satisfy your cravings for a particular food or beverage right now, even when your fridge is empty (or filled with questionable leftovers)?  Mike Remondi (’17) has created CraveMobile, which allows urban dwellers to search for, rate and discover individual meal items and have them delivered whenever, wherever they want them (thank you, Uber Eats!). Even more, he’s created CraveWeb, a dashboard that allows restaurants to create and optimize their menus by providing insights into customers’ demographics, ratings, and context (time of day, meals alone vs. with others, restaurant type). Knowing which menu items customers love most gives restaurants a decided advantage over competitors.


Tomasso Montangi ’17, Krenar Roka ’17, Amar Sehic ’17

Fractal builds micro-spaces which are portable, modular and sustainable. Think of the tiny home of the future. Our spaces can be quickly relocated anywhere and are easily expanded by simply attaching additional units to assemble a complete living and working environment. Our objective is to place our product on underutilized urban land; with our spaces, homeowners will be able to get more value out of their backyards, while tenants will have access to alternative and affordable accommodation.

College Haxess

Nile Dixon ’20, Fatimah Ali ’19

College Haxess LLC has developed FinAidBase, a web platform designed to make it easy for students with financial need to get accurate information about merit based scholarships (38% of scholarships) and to increase their chance of receiving an award by helping them manage their scholarship applications.

Compare Genie

Mollika Tahsin ’17

Compare Genie is a software that takes the confusion we all face when buying home or personal electronics (How much RAM? Which Intel microprocessor? Touch screen?) and makes it vanish into thin air! Companies with e-commerce/online purchase sites can use Compare Genie to increase their sales conversion by simplifying customers’ decision-making process. A modern take on Consumer Reports, Compare Genie helps consumers figure out the feature sets they actually need in practical terms and recommends brands and models that best satisfy these needs.


Aziz Ghadiali ’20

Splitshorts.com is a Bay Area-based online athletic apparel company created by first-year cross country runner, Aziz Ghadiali, to solve the age-old problem of wanting to buy top quality running gear with style and flair but only finding dull running shorts (gray or navy, anyone?) manufactured in third world sweatshops. Looks bad and feels worse! Enter Splitshorts! Aziz was inspired to create his own fun textile designs for runners of all ages who want to express their style and feel good about purchasing ethically manufactured goods made with care in the U.S.


Theo Satloff ’19, Walker Griggs ’19, CP Majgaard ’18

EuroPiste brings proform (deep discounts on sporting goods and apparel by manufacturers) to European winter sports pros and certifies to manufacturers that the athletes receiving discounts are professionals. Currently, European winter sports pros have to beg family-owned retailers for even modest discounts, often limited to a single brand. EuroPiste is a specialized marketplace where approved buyers and sellers can transact, to the benefit of both parties.

The Reef

Will Reynolds ’19, Gerry Nvule ’19, Brandon Troisi ’19

As no college student is connected to everyone on their campus, deciding how to have the best possible social experience on any given day can be difficult. Reef will alleviate the stress and confusion associated with a lack of connectivity with friends, peers, and campus events.

Maddi’s Macarons

Maddi Bistrong ’17

Maddi’s Macarons is a macaron business offering a fun and modern take on the traditional French pastry in a variety of delectable flavors sold at competitive prices. Maddi’s Macarons is well-prepared to capitalize on revenue growth in specialty foods and gluten free categories, with its focus on quality, variety and Instagram-ready presentation.


Prashant ’19, Tatsuya Yokota ’19, Makoto Kinoshita ’18

Online news aggregator aiming to sensitize readers to opposing political opinions by giving users the ability to directly control their newsfeed, thereby allowing them to become aware of other people’s point of view. By enabling users to view the other side of the story, not only do we hope to help create empathy but also promote unity in diversity.