About Colby

Founded in 1813, Colby College is one of the oldest colleges in New England, and in 1871, the College gained the distinction of being the first all-male New England college to become coeducational. Colby is a four-year college granting Bachelor of Arts degrees and is situated on 714 acres on beautiful Mayflower Hill in central Maine. Colby’s campus is renowned for its Neo-Georgian architecture and its expansive, terraced quadrangles.

Colby has 54 majors, 30 minors, as well as independent major options. The faculty-to-student ratio is 1:10, with a median class size of 15. Some of the most popular academic departments/programs, by student enrollment, include biology, economics, international studies, English, history, government, psychology, math, and art.

In short, the Colby experience is challenging and uplifting, enlightening and provocative, dynamic and focused. Based on the mutually transformative relationship between professors and students, a Colby education fosters intellectual and personal growth that culminates in the development of graduates who are conscientious, committed leaders.

About Colby Students

Colby students come from every part of the world and every possible background, bringing along an astonishing array of talents and interests. Despite such diversity, Colby students share a number of characteristics. In addition to being accomplished academically, it is not unusual for individual students to have multiple, sometimes sharply contrasting, passions and achievements. Think valedictorian poet-lacrosse player or chemist-student government leader-dancer. Another commonality is a strong work ethic and positive outlook on the world. Still another, of course, is their choice of Colby and their desire to be a part of an intimate, supportive, academically invigorating community.

Colby students are MOVERS—multicultural, online, versatile, energetic, responsive, and social, and Colby graduates succeed. They find their places at top Wall Street firms, the best medical schools and research universities, the finest law and business programs, in the arts, government service, social service, education, and nonprofit organizations and they are inspired leaders in their communities.

Students At-A-Glance

Total Student Enrollment: 1,838
By Gender (Total): Female 54%, Male 46%

Class of 2014 – Admitted Student Profile
4,213 total applications received
1,445 number of applicants accepted (800 female, 633 male)
34 percent applicants accepted
46 states and territories represented
59 percent from outside of New England
71 countries represented
15 percent international students
23 percent African-American, Latino/Latina, Asian-American, and Native American
55 percent public high school graduates
700/700/700 composite Median SAT score average critical reading, writing and math
31 composite Median ACT score average of matriculated classes
62 percent reporting top 5% class rank