Generating awareness among students is critical to a successful recruiting effort. Whether you are new to recruiting at Colby or have a long history of hiring our graduates, many students will be learning about your organization for the first time.

Building your brand on campus provides students with the knowledge and insight to consider your organization within a competitive recruiting environment. Building a brand is a sophisticated process that will help you become a recognized campus partner. Employers with the strongest brand presence at Colby use a variety of strategies to attract and to connect with candidates. These may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Information Sessions and Tables
  • Programmatic Sponsorships
  • Promotional Collateral and Advertisements
  • Coffee Chats and/or Pub Nights
  • Faculty and Coach Connections
  • Student Group Presentations
  • Alumni Networking Activities (for alumni employers)

To discuss a strategic marketing plan to fulfill your recruiting goals, we encourage you to contact our Employer Relations director at (207) 859-4140.