Dear Members of the Colby Community:

My name is Rich Highland ’80 and I am the chair of the Colby Alumni Council Career Center subcommittee. One of my team’s key goals is to assist Colby students as they transition from their academic life to their working life and I am asking for your help with that. More specifically, I am asking you to work with the Colby Career Center to make job shadowing opportunities, internships and full-time jobs available to Colby students and graduates.

Job shadowing allows students, early in their Colby tenure, to gain insight into a variety of jobs and industries and then use those insights to make key academic decisions. In today’s tough economy, internships have become more important than ever to landing a full-time position after graduation. An increasing number of employers expect college graduates to have real world work experience on their résumés. Even more compelling is that according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2014 Internship & Co-op Survey, nearly 40% of employers hired employees from their own internship program in 2013. An increasing number of Colby students are doing internships as undergraduates, and it is now not unusual for recent graduates to take a paid, or even unpaid, internship with the hope of it leading to a permanent position or building their résumé.

Simply put, job shadowing and internships lead to job offers and rewarding careers. Along the same lines, many graduating seniors are well into their post-graduate job search. So, how can you help? The best way for Colby students to learn about internships is through the Career Center. The Career Center maintains a central data base of job shadow opportunities and internships– as well as full-time, post-graduate opportunities – available to Colby students.

I ask that you contact the Career Center at Colby to provide information on the job shadow opportunities and internships available at your workplace. If none exist where you work, please consider creating one.

Job shadowing is an informal way to introduce a student to your industry and career. A job shadow can be 1, 3, or 5 days in duration and typically happens when students are off campus for vacation or during the summer. The specific details of scope, timing and duration are up to the host. This is a great opportunity to engage with Colby students without leaving home. If you can host a student, please reach out to the Career Center and provide a brief outline of what you can offer, and the Career Center team will add you to their database and assist with matching students to opportunities.

Internships are as invaluable to employers as they are to students. An internship can serve as a screening mechanism for your company. In short, many employers have found that hiring students who have completed internships in the organization leads to better “fit” and increased job retention. Internships, paid or unpaid, may be done for academic credit, and can be offered in the summer or during Jan Plan. Also, internship opportunities are not limited to only office settings. From a history intern at a museum to an environmental studies intern at a nature preserve, numerous opportunities exist for motivated individuals and interested organizations to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship.

Please help Colby students and recent graduates, as well as your own organization, by making internship opportunities available to the Career Center. You may email job shadow, internship and/or employment opportunities to, or call the Career Center at 207-859-4140. Once the Career Center receives your opportunity, a member of the Employer Relations team will follow up with you.

Thank you very much for your help with making career opportunities available to current students, and thanks for all you do for Colby.

Highland Sigs (1)