Inspired Insight and Confidence
Students visit the Career Center to meet with a counselor to receive a self-assessment andĀ guidanceĀ on resume writing, cover letters, interviewing tips, and networking.


The Career Center is proud to provide excellent resources to assist our students in preparing for the world of work and graduate education after Colby. We encourage you to look through all of our resources and take advantage of the tools and network opportunities afforded to you.

The Career Center provides a full range of job-oriented resources: web-based recruiting software with 24/7 access from residence hall and study abroad locations to job and internship listings and the office calendar of events, a web site with helpful links to career information and downloadable handouts, videotaping equipment for recording mock interviews, and two self-evaluation computer programs that match student interests with possible careers. The career resources library contains an extensive collection of information on job-search techniques, permanent and summer jobs, and graduate schools.

While a variety of workshops and programs to assist students in career exploration and in developing job-search skills are scheduled throughout the year, the Career Center emphasizes workshops, individual counseling and discussion. Students have access to a searchable on-line alumni database and are encouraged to contact alumni. With the generous support of Colby graduates and parents of current students, persons in a broad network of various professions and widespread geographical locations have agreed to conduct informational interviews, be hosts for on-site visits, and sponsor internships for January and the summer. Specific programs include a recruiting program that brings representatives from graduate and professional schools to the campus in the fall and from a wide variety of employers throughout the year. Consortium programs with other institutions allow for the opportunity to interview with a variety of additional firms and organizations at single locations in Portland, Boston, and New York. An active program of cooperation expands recruiting opportunities with peer colleges and universities