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Guidelines & Eligibility for Business Pitch Competition

Either individually or as a student group, student participants are expected to research and compose entrepreneurial principles. In other words, the criterion within the Spring Business Competition can focus on integrating both critical and creative approaches to entrepreneurship.

The winner(s) of the Spring Business Competition will be the entrepreneur(s) who have demonstrated, through real world accomplishments that their project/idea is the most “funding ready” business in the alliance for that year.


  1. Only matriculated Colby students can present, if selected, in the competition. If applicable, non-Colby partners may participate in the Q & A session.
  2. Winners from past Colby Business Competitions cannot participate in future competitions, but they can be featured in event programs and other promotional materials. Past participants (non-winners) can compete again.
  3. Concepts must be unique to all previous Colby Business Competition prize winner(s). In other words, business concepts cannot have formed the basis for the winning enterprises from the previous year’s competition.

Submissions should be entrepreneurial and explore the creation of new ideas.

The Colby Business Competition is fundamentally an entrepreneurship competition and its goal is to encourage Colby students to explore the creation of new businesses. Therefore, the following types of entries are not eligible to participate in the for-profit tracks of the competition: Leveraged Buyouts, Recapitalizations, Restructurings, Privatizations, Roll-Ups, certain Licensing or Franchise arrangements, Joint Ventures, Alliances and Search Funds. Teams that are unsure of the eligibility of their idea should contact the Organizing Committee.

Note: Teams that are unsure of the eligibility of their idea should contact Alisa Johnson (alisa.johnson@colby.edu) in the Colby Career Center.