College Source On-Line
College Source On-line is made available to the Colby community by Miller Library. This on-line source includes graduate school catalogs which are helpful in identifying the content and requirements of programs that interest you, the faculty, and the admission requirements. On-campus users may use their e-mail name and password for access from off-campus. For other off-campus access, consult the Miller Library catalog page for instructions on setting up your browser.

Search for colleges and universities throughout the US and the world.

Peterson’s Education Center
Listings of public and private secondary schools, undergraduate schools, and graduate programs.

Listings of graduate and post-graduate program information.

Graduate School Guide
This online “directory includes comprehensive listings of master’s, doctoral and professional degree programs.” Some schools are described in greater depth than others — where they are, this is a very helpful resource.

Prelaw Advising at Colby
Cate Talbot Ashton, Associate Director of the Career Center, serves as the Pre-Law Advisor at Colby and is available to work with students and alumni as they work through the process of applying to law schools. Cate offers at least two workshops each year to discuss the application process and is available for individual appointments by calling X4140 (or (207)859-4140 from a cell phone) or stopping by the office to make an appointment.

Health Professions Advising at Colby