Many students are optimally prepared to apply to professional school as of the time that they graduate from college. However, many others need to complete their preparation or strengthen their credentials following graduation.

Several effective options are available to premedical students in this situation. Pre-dental and pre-veterinary students have similar options.

Some examples include:

  1. A formal health professions preparation program, such as those at Bryn Mawr, Columbia, Connecticut, or Tufts, among many others;
  2. Taking required and/or advanced courses independently (e.g., at any reputable 4-year U.S. college or university) while employed in a relevant research or clinical position, and
  3. A formal graduate program, usually a master’s degree that involves taking required, or advanced, courses along with research experience.

The Health Professions Advisor can provide more information and individual advising in this regard. The main point is that all preparation need not take place before earning your Colby B.A.; this is attested to by the great success of our alumni/ae applicants.

Complete listings of post-baccalaureate premedical programs are available from the Association of American Medical Colleges, at and Syracuse University’s excellent site at