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TITLE: Legal topics regarding internships, employment and residency in U.S.

Learn the difference between OPT, CPT, H-1B Visa, and employment – based immigrant visa process and legal nuances.  1st year students receive introduction to this at their International student orientation. STEM & Cap Gap explained.  (STEM majors eligible for a 17 month extension of their OPT)  Cap Gap is the extension to your OPT to the H-1B start date.

PROVIDED BY: Sue McDougal annually in February.  This is in collaboration with the Career Center.


All students will be able to:

       – Describe OPT, CPT, H-1B Visa and the differences between

       – Identify the process for OPT and H-1B

       – Describe at 2 ways to secure paid/unpaid internships while at Colby.

TITLE: Career services provided by the Career Center focused towards International students.

Learn how to navigate Going Global, Career Link, LACN, and other resources focused specifically towards I.S. students.

 PROVIDED by the Colby Career Center


All students will be able to:

  •      Log into Going Global
  •      Describe at least 4 resources in Going Global helpful to them
  •      Log into Career Link and the Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN) & Nationwide Internship Consortium (NIC) subscriptions and identify how to search for internships and employment

TITLE: Cultural awareness of the American employment.

This workshop focuses on developing a resume that highlights International students strengths, interviewing basics, and how to network.  *Ability to articulate their Visa status to employer.

WHO PROVIDE:  Career Center


All students will be able to:

  •               Describe at least 3 strengths to include on their resume and to discuss at interviews
  •               Identify at least 3 American cultural preferences to be aware of during interviews
  •               List at least 3 ways to network (Linked In,  C.A.N. , faculty, family etc..)


TITLE:  LinkedIn for International Students

With over 200 million people on Linked In and most of them in professional positions, learn what Linked In is and how to use Linked In for job searching and networking with Colby Alumni.

 Objective:  Introduce students to the basics of creating a LinkedIn account and how to use LI to:

  • create a professional online presence

  • identify Colby alumni to connect with

  • identify groups that are discussing topics of interest

  • research companies

  • find employment

  • create your profile in multiple languages

TITLE:  Alumni success stories.

We will look for opportunities throughout the year to bring a panel of International student alumni who will talk about how they navigated employment after Colby, what worked, what they wished they had done different.

 WHO PROVIDE: Sue McDougal and Career Center

This is another collaboration between the Dean of Students office and Career Center.  Possibly the best time would be at the Host Family’s Pot Luck Dinner in February.  We may also coordinate as part of Family Homecoming weekend in the fall semester.