Doing an Internship Abroad for Jan Plan Credit, Academic Credit or Transcript Notation

In order to receive Jan Plan and/or academic credit for an internship abroad, you will need to complete the steps outlined on the ‘Credit‘ page. In order to qualify for credit, you must complete a minimum of 100 hours at the internship site – this turns out to be approximately 10-20 hours per week over a semester or the summer, and around 30 hours per week during Jan Plan.

Required Documentation

IN ADDITION, students planning to pursue internships abroad must ALSO complete the documents listed below.

  • Risk form
    • The risk form must be signed by a parent and witnessed by someone over 18 who is not the other parent. Do not fax us this form. Only original copies will be accepted.
  • Health form
    • You should make an appointment with the Health Center or your own doctor as soon as possible in order to complete the health form.
  • Proof of insurance coverage abroad
    • Request a letter from your insurance company stating that you will have health insurance coverage abroad. Copies of health insurance cards are not acceptable.
    • If you have Cross Insurance through Colby, you are covered, but you still need to obtain a “proof of insurance” letter by contacting Lisa Farrington at (800) 537-6444 or via email at
    • If your health insurance is covered by your government, you still need to provide proof that you have that coverage. Secure a letter or a certificate from the government that shows proof of insurance.
    • You may fulfill the requirement for health insurance abroad by purchasing the iNext card. This Off-Campus Study web page provides details about iNext, as well as a phone number and a link to the iNext website.

Other Considerations

Traveling to another country takes preparation, and you need to plan ahead to make sure you have all the proper documents in hand before you leave. Please see Pre-Departure Planning and Resources from the Off-Campus Study office for some important aspects to consider. (Some of the information is specific to study-abroad programs, but there is a lot of good general information about passports, visas, health and safety, and cross-cultural tips.)

Colby College discourages travel to countries and participation in a program in a country for which there is a U.S. State Department Travel Warning in effect at the time of departure. Students wishing to travel to a country currently under a U.S. State Department Travel Warning are required to submit a petition to the Travel Warning Review Committee providing a complete description of and justification for their study/travel at a Travel Warning site. If approved, they will then be required to sign a waiver as part of the application for approval process. In the event that a country goes under Travel Warning after a student has been approved, the student will be required to submit a petition, and sign a second waiver, in order to proceed as planned.

Students on programs already in session when the Travel Warning is issued will not be required to return, but will be advised of the Travel Warning by the Off Campus Study (OCS) office. For a listing of countries currently under Travel Warning consult the U.S. State Department website.


Finding an International Internship
To search for international internships, you can use the same strategies and many of the same resources outlined on the Finding an Internship page. The Office of Off-Campus Study is a resource for international internship programs that are completed as part of a study-abroad program.

Below are some additional methods and links to find international internships exclusively.


These organizations can help facilitate your full experience for internship, volunteer, or experiential education opportunities abroad. This service will typically come for a fee, the cost of which differs dramatically depending on the program. The placement fee will often help contribute toward costs like travel, transportation, housing, meals, etc.