Non-Colby people are often shocked that mentors don’t receive credit or monetary benefits for their service.  Harder to explain are those mentors that do additional volunteer work beyond CCAK.

For instance, pictured in the photo to the left are sophomores Susan Fleurant and Eda Reed . What do Benton Elementary School Mentors Eda and Susan do on Friday nights and early Saturday mornings?  They coach a Benton recreational soccer team of 1st+ 2nd  graders.  Eda and Susan have doubled their impact on one of our communities.

Did you happen to notice the amount of programs the (CVC) Colby Volunteer Center offers? Josh Balk is in his 4th year of mentoring, but that did not limit his passion for partaking in CVC offerings such as Big Buddies.  Nowadays, in his spare time Josh can be found hanging with his mentee at the Alfond Youth Centers and running CVC activities though his position as their co-director.

This is just a handful of our mentors that go the extra mile.

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pictured left to right: Susan Fleurant and Eda Reed, ’16,  Josh Balk, ’14 and his mentee