Corporate Name

The President and Trustees of Colby College


David A. Greene, M.A. ’14, Ed.D., Waterville, Maine, President

Eric S. Rosengren ’79, M.A. ’10, Ph.D., Sharon, Massachusetts, Chair of the Board

Leslie Dougherty Biddle ’89, M.A. ’11, M.A., New York, New York, Vice Chair of the Board

Jeffrey N. Packman ’88, M.A. ’12, M.B.A., Weston, Massachusetts, Vice Chair of the Board

Karlene Burrell-McRae ’94, M.A. ’14, Ed.D., Waterville, Maine, Dean of the College

Brian J. Clark, M.P.P., Winslow, Maine, Vice President of Planning

Ruth J. Jackson, M.S., Oakland, Maine, Vice President for Communications

Daniel G. Lugo, J.D., Waterville, Maine, Vice President for College Advancement

Margaret T. McFadden, M.A. ’15, Ph.D., Augusta, Maine, Provost and Dean of Faculty

C. Andrew McGadney, Ed.D., Waterville, Maine, Vice President and Dean of Student Advancement

Matthew T. Proto, Ed.D, Winslow, Maine, Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Douglas C. Terp ’84, M.B.A., Winslow, Maine, Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Richard Y. Uchida ’79, M.A. ’06, J.D., Oakland, Maine, Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary of the College

Board of Trustees

William L. Alfond ’72, M.A. ’02, Boston, Massachusetts, Director, Dexter Enterprises Inc. (2019)

Armando Bengochea, M.A. ’17, Ph.D., New York, New York, Program Officer for Diversity and Director, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (2021)

Leslie Dougherty Biddle ’89, M.A. ’11, M.A., New York, New York, Partner and President, Serengeti Asset Management (2019)

Joseph F. Boulos ’68, M.A. ’93, LL.D. ’09, Falmouth, Maine, Chairman, Boulos Asset Management (Life Trustee)

Sara J. Burns ’79, M.A. ’17, Manchester, Maine, Retired President and Chief Executive Officer, Central Maine Power (2020)

William R. Cotter, M.A. ’79, LL.D. ’00, J.D., Concord, Massachusetts, Retired President, Oak Foundation; President Emeritus, Colby College (Life Trustee)

James B. Crawford ’64, M.A. ’90, LL.D. ’05, Richmond, Virginia, Retired Chairman, Carbones Inter-Americanos S.A. (Life Trustee)

James H. Crook Jr. ’78, M.A. ’15, Delray Beach, Florida (2019)

Stephen E. Cummings ’77, M.A. ’17, M.B.A., President and CEO, MUFG Americas Holdings Corporation (2022)

Nancy Donahue Cyker ’88, J.D., Boston, Massachusetts (2021)

Coy R. Dailey ’01, M.S.Ed., Long Island City, New York, Director of Diversity and Equity, Bank Street School for Children (2021)

Robert E. Diamond Jr. ’73, M.A. ’93, LL.D. ’08, M.B.A., New York, New York, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Atlas Merchant Capital (Life Trustee)

Steven M. Earle ’79, M.A. ’14, M.P.A., Niskayuna, New York, Director, Office for Diversity and Access, New York State Education Department (2022)

James A. Forese, M.A. ’15, B.S., New Canaan, Connecticut, President, Citigroup (2019)

Michael L. Gordon ’66, M.A. ’04, J.D., New York, New York, Cofounder and Chief Investment Officer, Angelo Gordon & Company (2021)

David A. Greene, M.A. ’14, Ed.D., Waterville, Maine, President, Colby College

Robert R. Hoopes Jr. ’89, M.A. ’08, M.A., Bethesda, Maryland, President, VOX Global (2020)

Seth W. Lawry, M.A. ’06, M.B.A., Boston, Massachusetts, Managing Director, Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. (2019)

Miguel Leff ’98, J.D., La Jolla, California, Attorney at law, Law Office of Miguel Leff (2022)

Paula Crane Lunder, M.A. ’98, D.F.A. ’98, B.S., Scarborough, Maine, Kenilworth, Inc. (Life Trustee)

Richard M. McVey, M.A. ’16, M.B.A., Greenwich, Connecticut, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, MarketAxess Holdings, Inc. (2020)

John J. O’Neil III ’77, M.A. ’16, Natick, Massachusetts, Managing Partner, National Development, LLC (2020)

Jeffrey N. Packman ’88, M.A. ’12, M.B.A., Weston, Massachusetts, Chief Development Officer, Clementia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (2020)

Randy C. Papadellis ’79, M.A. ’11, M.B.A., Hopkinton, Massachusetts, (2019)

Jane Powers ’86, M.A. ’05, M.S.W., Medford, Massachusetts, Interim Chief of Staff, Fenway Health (2020)

Kathleen Pinard Reed ’86, M.A. ’11, M.D., Woolwich, Maine (2019)

Catherine Roosevelt ’89, M.A. ’16, M.P.A., Seattle, Washington, Executive Vice President, Campbell & Company (2019)

Eric S. Rosengren ’79, M.A. ’10, Ph.D., Sharon, Massachusetts, President and Chief Executive Officer, Boston Federal Reserve Bank

Peter M. Rouse ’68, M.A. ’14, LL.D. ’13, M.P.A., Washington, D.C., Senior Policy Advisor, Perkins Coie LLP (2022)

Moses Silverman ’69, M.A. ’13, J.D., New York, New York, Partner, Litigation Department, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP (2019)

Carl A. Smith ’91, M.B.A., Washington, D.C., Executive Vice President Public Affairs and Policy, 21st Century Fox (2022)

Jessica D’Ercole Stanton ’92, M.A. ’17, Wellesley, Massachusetts (2020)

Sunil H. Thakor ’99, M.A. ’16, M.B.A., McLean, Virginia, Senior Portfolio Manager, Sands Capital Management, LLC (2019)

Joerose Tharakan ’08, M.A. ’13, M.B.A., New York, New York, US Alliance Partner Development Manager, Microsoft Corporation (2019)

Laura P. Ward, M.B.A., M.P.H., Wellesley, Massachusetts, Researcher and Consultant in the Neurobiology of Fear and Dissociative Disorders/Trauma Research Laboratories, McLean Hospital (2022)

Tanya E. Williams, M.A. ’17, M.D., New York, New York, Chief Administrative Officer, Secretary-Treasurer, and Director, R2T2 Laboratories, Inc. (2021)

Anne Clarke Wolff ’87, M.A. ’02, M.B.A., Brooklyn, New York, Managing Director and Head of Global Corporate Banking, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (2021)