President, David A. Greene, M.A. ’14, Ed.D., 2014-
Executive Assistant to the President, Regina M. Ouimette, A.S., 2004-
Special Advisor to the President, Jennifer F. Boylan, M.A. ’01, M.A., 1998-
Presidential and Leadership Engagement Officer, Sara A. Verstynen, B.A., 2014-
College Historian, Earl H. Smith, M.A. ’95, B.A.,1962-
Vice President of Planning, Brian J. Clark, M.A., 2014-
Director of Commercial Real Estate, Paul E. Ureneck, 2016-
Executive Assistant, Gayle N. Maroon, A.S., 2006-
Carolyn Muzzy Director and Chief Curator of the Museum of Art, Sharon L. Corwin, M.A. ’06, Ph.D., 2003-
Executive Assistant, Karen K. Wickman, B.S., 1993-
Assistant for Special Projects, Anna S. Fan ’15, 2016-
Lunder Curator of American Art, Elizabeth J. Finch, Ph.D., 2008-
Lunder Curator of Whistler Studies, Justin B. McCann, B.A., 2014-
Katz Curator, Diana K. Tuite, M.A., 2013-
Associate Director, Patricia King, B.A., 2001-
Curricular Registrar, Paige M. Doore, B.A., 2014-
Museum of Art Registrar, Lorraine DeLaney, M.A., 2013-
Mirken Director of Academic and Public Programs, Lauren K. Lessing, Ph.D., 2007
Curator of Academic Programs, Shalini Le Gall, Ph.D., 2014-
Linde Family Foundation Coordinator of School and Teacher Programs, Margaret M. Aiken, M.A., 2015-
Director of Museum Operations, Gregory J. Williams, 1990-
Senior Preparator, Stewart W. Henderson, B.A., 2015-
Provost and Dean of Faculty, Lori G. Kletzer, M.A. ’10, Ph.D., 2010-
Executive Assistant, Jennifer H. Wood, B.A., 1999-
Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty, Margaret T. McFadden, M.A. ’15, Ph.D., 1996-
Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty, James M. Sloat, Ph.D., 2012-
Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, Rebecca H. Brodigan, M.P.A., 2015-
Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning, Carol A. Hurney, Ph.D., 2016-
Director of Off-Campus Study, Nancy Downey, Ph.D., 2007-
Director of Colby in Dijon, Jonathan M. Weiss, M.A. ’86, Ph.D., 1972-
Registrar, Elizabeth N. Schiller, M.F.A., 1987-
Associate Registrar, Valerie M. Sirois, M.S., 2008-
Director of the Colby Writing Program, Stacey E. Sheriff, Ph.D., 2012-
Director of the Farnham Writers’ Center, Paula Harrington, Ph.D., 2009-
Academic Environmental Safety Specialist, Jason A. Fish, B.S., 2015-
Director of the Colby Libraries, Clement P. Guthro, Ed.D., 2003-
Coordinator of Collections Management, Claire Prontnicki, B.A., 1991-
Assistant Director for Customer Service and Administration, Robert D. Heath, M.A., 1991
Systems Coordinator, Eileen F. Richards, 1988-
Scholarly Resources and Services, Arts Librarian, Margaret D. Ericson, M.L.S., 1998-
Scholarly Resources and Services, Social Sciences and Humanities Librarian, Marilyn R. Pukkila, M.S.L.S., 1984-
Systems and Emerging Technologies Librarian, Michael C. McGuire ’89, M.L.S., 2000
Digital Production Coordinator, Lawrence W. Brown, M.A., 1994-
Assistant Director for Systems, Web, and Emerging Technologies, Darylyne M. Provost, M.L.S., 2007-
Scholarly Resources and Services, Sciences Librarian, Kara M. Kugelmeyer, M.L.S., 2016-
Scholarly Resources and Services, Humanities Librarian, Karen J. Gillum ’76, M.L.I.S., 1994-
Digital Collections Librarian, Martin F. Kelly, M.L.S, 2006-
Assistant Director for Special Collections, Patricia A. Burdick, M.L.S., 1998-
Visual Resources Curator, Margaret E. Libby ’81, 1986-
Archives Education Librarian, Erin N. Rhodes, M.L.I.S, 2011-
Assistant Director for Scholarly Resources and Services, Lisa C. McDaniels, M.L.S, 2014-
Scholarly Resources and Services, Humanities Librarian, Elaine S. Thielstrom, M.L.S., 2013-
Assistant Director for Collections Management, Ana Noriega, M.L.S., 2014-
Harold Alfond Director of Athletics, Timothy W. Wheaton, M.Ed., 2015-
Associate Director of Athletics and Senior Woman Administrator, Jessica L. Cherry, M.A., 2016-
Associate Director of Athletics/Budgets, Thomas K. Burton. B.A. 1999-
Assistant Director of Athletics and Sports Information Director, William C. Sodoma, M.S., 2002-
Assistant Director of Athletics/Budgets/Intercollegiate Scheduler, Nicole A. Veilleux, B.S., 2002-
Assistant Director of Athletics/Compliance, Candice B. Parent, B.S., 1993-
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, Dawn Strout, M.S., 2011-
Director of the Oak Human Rights Institute, Walter F. Hatch, Ph.D., 2002-
Director of Center for Arts and Humanities, Kerill N. O’Neill, Ph.D., 1992-
Director of the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, Daniel M. Shea, M.A. ’12, Ph.D., 2012-
Associate Director of the Goldfarb Center for Community Outreach and Programming, Alice D. Elliott, B.S., 2004-
Assistant Director of the Goldfarb Center and Oak Institute, Amanda L. Cooley, M.S., 2013-
Coordinator, Colby Cares About Kids Program, Lori Morin, M.S., 2009-
Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer, Douglas C. Terp ’84, M.B.A., 1987-
Executive Assistant, Rosalie A. Meunier, 1988-
Director of Risk Management, William P. Saxe, J.D., 2016-
Director of Human Resources, Safety, and Talent Development, Mark Crosby, M.Ed., 2007-
Associate Director of Human Resources Operations, Jane Robertson, B.A., 1990-
Director of Recruitment and EEO, Maria C. Clukey, M.S., 1999-
Assistant Director of Human Resources, Erica L. Humphrey, M.B.A., M.Ed., 2007-
Assistant Director for Talent Development, Melissa A. Breger, M.S., 2015-
Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety Services, Wade P. Behnke, M.A., 2013-
Assistant Vice President for Finance, Scott H. Jones, M.B.A., 2005-
Associate Director of Financial Planning, Nora I. Dore, M.B.A., 2001-
Director of the Bookstore, Barbara C. Shutt, A.B., 1994-
Director of Special Programs, Jacques R. Moore, M.A., 1999-
Associate Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Hugh J. O’Donnell, A.B., 2012-
Investment Manager, Harris S. Sibunruang, M.B.A., 2013-
Assistant Director of Investments, Pamela J. Leo, 1981-
Controller, Ruben L. Rivera, B.S., 1994-
Director of Administrative Financial Services, Scott D. Smith ’88, M.B.A., 1993-
Assistant Director of Administrative Financial Services, Kelly J. Pinney-Michaud, M.B.A., 1999-
Director of Student Financial Services, Cynthia W. Wells ’83, 1983-
Associate Director of Student Financial Services, Lisa M. Fairbanks, A.S., 1990-
Assistant Director of Student Financial Services, Jill A. Pierce, B.S., 2011-
Student Financial Services Assistant, Theresa M. Hunnewell, A.S., 1976-
Student Financial Services Assistant, Angel L. Spencer, 2000-
Student Financial Services Assistant, Salome Giorgadze ’15, 2015-
ColbyCard Manager/Student Employment, William U. Pottle, 1980-
Director of Security, Peter S. Chenevert, 1980-1988, 1997-
Associate Director of Security/Museum Security Manager, Michael P. Benecke, A.S., 2013-
Assistant Director of Security, Jennifer L. Sanderson, B.A., 2015-
Chief Information Officer, Cindy J. Mitchell, M.A., 2016-
Director of Information Security, Chad L. Tracy, B.S., 2015-
Director of Academic Information Technology Services, L. Jason Parkhill, B.A., 2007-
GIS and Quantitative Analysis Specialist, Manuel Gimond, Ph.D., 2007-
Scientific Computing Administrator, Randall H. Downer, B.A., 2007-
Instructional Technologist—Teaching and Learning Applications Coordinator, Ellen L. Freeman, M.Ed., 2015-
Instructional Technologist—Video Production Specialist, Timothy R. Stonesifer, B.S., 2015-
Instructional Technologist, Mark W. Wardecker, M.L.I.S., 2015-
Instructional Media Specialist, Qiuli Wang, M.A., 2009-
Director of Administrative Information Technology Services, Catherine L. Langlais, B.A., 1996-
Senior Systems Analyst, Paul R. Meyer, M.S., 1999-
Senior Systems Analyst, Elizabeth Rhinelander ’93, M.S., 2006-
Information Systems Analyst, David J. Gagne, M.S., 2015-
Information Systems Analyst, Shara T. Marquis, M.S., 2016-
Web Technology Specialist, Keith A. McGlauflin, B.S., 1989-
Windows/Web Server Administrator, Scott K. Twitchell, A.S., 2006-
Director of Personal Computer Support Services, Rurik L. Spence, A.S.,1988-
Advanced Support Services Manager, Adam C. Nielsen, B.S., 2005-
Deployment Specialist, Michael A. Miner, B.A., 2009-
Windows/Macintosh Technical Consultant, Marc A. Cote, M.B.A., 2006-
Faculty/Staff Support Center Manager, Joseph E. de la Cruz, A.S., 2012-
User Services Consultant and Supervisor of Student Computer Services, Paula A. Lemar, 1983-
Director of Systems and Network Operations, Daniel S. Siff, M.S., 2002-
Network Architect, David W. Cooley, M.Div., 1978-
Network Administrator, Brian Zemrak, 1998-
Senior Server Administrator, Sean P. Boyd, M.B.A., 2008-
Senior Server Administrator, Jeff A. Earickson, Ph.D., 1995-
Systems Administrator, Alexander Lelchuck, B.S., 2016-
Director of Media Resources, Kenneth T. Gagnon, B.A., 1981-
Sound and Video Services Coordinator, David C. Pinkham Jr., B.S., 2003-
Operations and Customer Service Supervisor, Arleen King-Lovelace, B.A., 2007-
General Manager of Dining Services, Marietta Lamarre, B.S., 2016-
Executive Chef, James Lachance, A.O.S., 2016-
Catering Director, Karen Landry, A.S., 2016-
Catering Chef, Lydia Kumpa, A.A., 2016-
Director of Operations, Mark Stamper, B.S., 2016-
Retail Manager, Devan Moody, M.B.A., 2016-
Manager, Dana Dining Hall, Joseph Daniels, M.A., 2016-
Manager, Dana Dining Hall, Christopher Jaramillo, B.S., 2016-
Chef Manager, Dana Dining Hall, Earl Lewis, 2016-
Chef Manager, Foss Dining Hall, Brian Beaupain, 2016-
Manager, Roberts Dining Hall, Michael Foss, 2016-
Chef Manager, Roberts Dining Hall, John Wilson, 2016-
Dietician, Jacqueline Stevens, M.S.P.H., 2016-
Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Campus Planning, Minakshi M. Amundsen, S.M.Arch.S., M.C.P., 2015-
Associate Director of Physical Plant, Gordon E. Cheesman, B.S., 1987-
Assistant Director for Operations and Maintenance, Paul E. Libby, M.B.A., 1994-
Supervisor of Building Trades, Perry B. Richardson, 2009-
Supervisor of the Mechanical and Electrical Services, Anthony J. Tuell, B.S., 2006
Assistant Director for Capital Planning and Construction, Kelly E. Doran, M.Arch.S., M.B.A., 2008-
Environmental Program Manager, Dale M. DeBlois, B.S., 1998-
Project Manager, Roger L. Scott, B.S., 2012-
Project Manager, Scott A. Young, B.S., 2015-
Assistant Director of Grounds and Custodial Services, Donald J. Zavadil, M.A. 2007
Grounds Supervisor, Peter Bastien, B.S., 2016-
Custodial Supervisor, David Grazulis, A.S., 2007-
Custodial Supervisor, Keith Rankin, 2010-
Sustainability Coordinator, Kevin S. Bright, M.A., 2013-
Vice President for College and Student Advancement, Daniel G. Lugo, J.D., 2015-
Executive Assistant, Andrea J. Godin, A.S., 2009-
Associate Vice President for College and Student Advancement, Rachel Smith Silver, B.A., 2016-
Director of Museum Development, Elizabeth H. Menard, B.A., 2016-
Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Alexander P. Colhoun ‘91, 2016-
Director of Advancement Strategy and Analysis, Richard M. Majerus, M.A. 2015-
Associate Director of Prospect Research and Development, Anne C. Rouse, B.A., 2015-
Assistant Director of Prospect Research and Development, Tam Thanh T. Huynh, M.S., 2014-
Director of Development, Nancy M. Fox, M.B.A., 1996-2004, 2005-
Development Officer, Elizabeth L. Bowen ’96, 2013-
Development Officer, Edgar B. Hatrick, J.D., 2013-
Development Officer, Kim K. Krueger, B.A., 1991-96, 2007-
Director of Engagement and Annual Philanthropy, Carolyn G. Kimberlin, B.A., 2003-
Associate Director of Engagement and Annual Philanthropy and Director, President’s Leadership Society, Alison Brown, B.S., 2014-
Associate Director of Engagement and Annual Philanthropy and Director of Alumni Programs, Daniel J. Olds, M.A., 2015-
Associate Director of Engagement and Annual Philanthropy, Meghan S. Gray, B.A., 2012-
Assistant Director of Engagement and Annual Philanthropy, Michelle Cavalcanti, M.F.A., 2015-
Associate Director of Engagement and Annual Philanthropy and Director of Parent Giving and Programs, Julie M. Middleton, M.Ed., 2015-
Assistant Director of Parent Giving and Programs, Deborah B. Thurston, B.A., 2011-
Associate Director of Engagement and Annual Philanthropy and Director of Class Giving and Programs, Emiko L. Boezeman,’11, 2011-2014, 2015-
Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Annual Philanthropy, Amber L. Morhidge, B.S., 2016-
Assistant Director of Class Giving and Programs, Shelby L. Childs, B.S., 2015-
Assistant Director of Class Giving and Programs, Karin R. Weston, B.A., 1993-
Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs, William C. Layton III, M.A., M.B.A., 2015-
Associate Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs, Seven S. Grenier ’94, M.A., 1985-
Assistant Director of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs, Elizabeth S. Danner, B.A., 2006-
Director of Advancement Operations, Monica M. Keith, M.B.A., 2012-
Senior Associate Director of Advancement Operations, Lisa L. Burton, B.A., 2007-
Associate Director of Advancement Operations, Martha A. McFadden, B.A., 2015-
Associate Director of Data Services, Ann O. Hurlburt, B.S., 1980-
Senior Advancement Systems Developer/Analyst, R. Neal Patterson, B.A., 1995-
Senior Advancement Systems Developer/Analyst, Seth J. Mercier, B.S., 2005-
Director of Donor Engagement and Stewardship, Christine Bicknell Marden, B.A., 2001-03, 2010-
Associate Director of Donor Engagement and Stewardship, Stacy Karp Mosher, M.S., 2016-
Assistant Director of Donor Engagement and Stewardship, Elisabeth L. von Brecht, B.A., 2015-
Director of the Career Center, Alisa M. Johnson, M.S., 2013-
Senior Associate Director of Employer Relations, Lisa A. Noble, B.A., 2016-
Associate Director of the Career Center, Cate T. Ashton ’80, M.A., 1987-
Assistant Director of Internships and Employer Relations, Jordan M. Bell, M.Ed., 2014-
Assistant Director of the Career Center, Sarah M. Whitfield ’09, M.P.A., 2014-
Vice President and Secretary of the College, C. Andrew McGadney, Ed.D., 2014-
Executive Assistant, Lindsey Cotter, M.S., 2015-
Associate Secretary of the College, Heather S. Bumps, M.B.A., 1997-2006, 2015-
Director of Campus Events, Karen R. Farrar Ledger, M.P.A., 1981-
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, James S. Terhune, M.Ed., 2006
Vice President for Communications, Ruth J. Jackson, M.S., 2004-
Executive Assistant, Mareisa Weil, B.A., 2016-
Director of Communications, Katherine B. Carlisle, B.A., 2016-
College Editor, Stephen B. Collins ’74, 1993-
Managing Editor/Associate Director of Communications, Gerard E. Boyle ’78, 1999-
Assistant Director of Communications, Laura D. Meader, B.A., 2001-
Director of Creative Services, Barbara E. Walls, B.A., 2013-
Associate Art Director, Kirsten S. Marjerison, B.A., 2016-
Photography and Video Specialist, Milton E. Guillen ’15, 2016-
Web/New Media Communications Manager, Robert C. Clockedile, B.A., 2004-
Communications Web/Multimedia Designer, Arnold H. Norris, B.F.A., 2012-
Communications Web Developer, John M. Watkins, M.F.A., 2016-
Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Matthew T. Proto, Ed.D., 2015-
Executive Assistant, Kacia L. Satchithanandam, B.A., 2014-
Senior Associate Dean and Director of Financial Aid, Elreo Campbell, M.B.A., 2015-
Senior Assistant Director of New Student Aid, Kathy A. Stevens, 2006-
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations, Melissa E. Price, M.Ed., 2016-
Director of Data and Technology, David S. Jones, M.B.A., 1987-
Associate Director of Admissions, Jamie W. Brewster ’00, 2000-
Associate Director of Admissions and Coordinator of Multicultural Enrollment, Denise R. Walden, M.A., 2003-
Assistant Director of Admissions, Anuli U. Iloabachie, B.A., 2015-
Assistant Director of Admissions, Alexander G. Zotos, M.Ed., 2016-
Assistant Director of Admissions, Meghan Grandolfo, B.S., 2016-
Associate Dean and Director of Admissions, Randi L. Arsenault ’09, 2010-
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Nicole L. Jacobson ’12, M.Ed., 2015-
Assistant Director of Admissions Communications, Michael S. Perreault, ’13, 2016-
Assistant Director of Admissions, Samuel N. Pelletier ’09, 2014-
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Marnie C. Terhune, M.A., 2014-
Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Amelia Conlon ’16, 2015-
Dean of the College, Karlene A. Burrell-McRae ’94, M.A. ’14, Ed.D., 2016-
Executive Assistant, Elizabeth A. Christopher, 2014-
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Senior Associate Dean of Students, Barbara E. Moore, M.A., 2007-
Associate Dean of Students, Susan M. McDougal, B.A., 1996-
Assistant Dean of Students/Coordinator of Multicultural Student Programs and Support, Joseph E. Atkins, Ph.D., 2002-
Associate Director of Campus Life for Residential Education and Living, Kimberly A. Kenniston, M.A. 2008-
Associate Director of Campus Life and Director of Outdoor Education, Ryan M. Linehan, B.A., 2014-
Assistant Director of Campus Life, Faith Kagwa, B.S., 2014-
Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life, Kurt D. Nelson, M.Div., 2012-
Senior Associate Dean of Students and Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Programs, Tashia L. Bradley, Ph.D, 2011-
Associate Director of the Pugh Center and Director of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Program, Emily E. Schusterbauer, M.A., 2013-
Medical Director, Paul D. Berkner, D.O., 2004-
Physician Assistant, Holly G. Weidner, M.S. 2011-
Nurse Practitioner, Lydia Bolduc-Marden, M.S.W., N.P., 1992-
Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer G. Riddle, M.S., 2011-
Head Nurse, Judith A. Whyte, B.S., 2011-
Coordinator of Alcohol and Drug Programs, Katherine L. Sawyer, M.A., 2012-
Head Athletic Trainer, Timothy S. Weston, B.S., 1992-
Staff Athletic Trainer, Kristina D. Miller, M.S., 2014-
Staff Athletic Trainer, Christopher O’Toole, B.A., 2009-
Staff Athletic Trainer, Paul M. Rucci, M.S., 2013-
Staff Athletic Trainer, Emily S. Vartabedian, M.S., 2015-
Director of Counseling Services, Eric S. Johnson, Ph.D., 2013-
Psychological Counselor, Ozgur Dicle Turkoglu, Ph.D., 2012-
Psychological Counselor, Jing Ye, M.A., 2000-
Administrative Coordinator, Alissa B. Benziger, B.A., 2015-