Cinema Studies Program

Few art forms have had a greater impact on modern culture than cinema. Over the course of cinema’s relatively brief history, film criticism and theory have grappled with some of the issues most central to the humanities, including how to represent and transform the world and how technological changes have affected the production and consumption of images. As an academic discipline, cinema studies has addressed these and attendant issues through a range of strategies, directing attention both to the highest form of rarified art practice and to the most popular forms of entertainment and diversion.

The minor in cinema studies focuses on the history, theory, and culture of film and related media such as digital media and photography. It makes coherent both the historical and aesthetic dimensions of cinema, including the mutual influence of cinema with its cultural, technological, national, and transnational contexts. As a distinct field of study influenced by a range of disciplines—among them art history, English, and the sciences—the minor draws its strength from connections among departments, while at the same time providing a core of courses foundational to the discipline of cinema studies itself.


Director, Associate Professor Audrey Brunetaux

Advisory Committee and Faculty:  Professor Margaret McFadden (American Studies); Associate Professor Laura Saltz (American Studies); Assistant Professors Dean Allbritton (Spanish) and Elena Monastireva-Ansdell (Russian)

Program Affiliated Faculty: Professors Arthur Greenspan (French) and Laurie Osborne (English); Associate Professors Audrey Brunetaux (French), Arne Koch (German), and Maple Razsa (Anthropology); Assistant Professor Cyrus Shahan (German); Visiting Assistant Professor Chelsea Wessels (Cinema Studies)

Requirements +

Requirements for the Minor in Cinema Studies

Six courses, including Cinema Studies 142, 251 or 252, 321, one non-U.S. cinema studies course, and two electives selected from the list of courses approved for the minor or approved by the director. No more than two courses can count toward both the cinema studies minor and another minor or major.

Other Applicable Courses +

Courses Approved for the Minor in Cinema Studies

American Studies

  • 243 Introduction to Television Studies: The L Word
  • 334 Film and Society: Films of the 1940s
  • 364: Spike Lee’s United States


  • 285 History of Photography

East Asian Studies

  • 240 Japanese Animation: Sensitivity to Differences


  • 386C Special Topics: Documentary Radio
  • 412 Global Shakespeares
  • 493 Seminar: Literature and Film Adaptation


  • 237 Francophone African Cinema
  • 323 Holocaust in French Cinema


  • 234 German Culture through Film

Global Studies

  • 437 Media, Culture, and the Political Imagination

Religious Studies

  • 319 Bollywood and Beyond: South Asian Religions through Film


  • 242 Russian Cinema from Lenin to Putin


  • 266 Language of Spanish Cinema
  • 362 All about Almodóvar