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Twice a year, the Center for the Arts and Humanities invites proposals from Colby students for funding of original research projects in the humanities or humanistic disciplines. In the event that there are insufficient funds to support all proposals, preference is given to students majoring or minoring in the humanities or humanistic disciplines. Grants will range from $500 to $2,500. Funds may be allocated to cover any legitimate research expenses including but not limited to purchase of research materials, travel, food, and lodging expenses associated with data gathering. (Stipends are not covered under this program.)

Applications: When you submit your proposal remember that your audience (the Center’s Executive Committee) is unlikely to be made up of specialists in your field; aim for clarity. The proposal should include the following information:

  • your name, major, year, and contact information
  • a brief abstract (150 words or less) describing your research project
  • the context of your research project (honors thesis, independent study, etc.), and its intended product
  • a detailed research design to include:
  1. the specific research questions to be examined
  2. a brief literature review (consult with your faculty sponsor for examples relevant to your field) that indicates the significance of your research questions
  3. a description of methodology, including, for example, a clear indication of how data will be gathered
  4. evidence that you have the skills necessary to gather the information in this way – usually indicated by significant coursework (please cite relevant classes)
  5. a list of local contacts and the locations of source material for any research and travel in a foreign country (not required for domestic projects)
  6. a proposed timeline for data-gathering and writing
  • a proposed budget with itemization of projected expenses and rationale
  • a list of any other funds for this project that you have either received or will apply for
  • a list of all grants, prizes, or awards that you have received during your Colby career
  • a letter of endorsement from the faculty member who will be sponsoring your research, indicating that she/he has read your proposal and feels that you have the ability to carry it through to completion. Make sure that she/he has had time to comment/suggest changes to your proposal; doing so increases the probability of success

Please also let us know whether you will be able to proceed with the project in the event that you receive only partial funding.

In order to fund any project that involves human subjects, we need to know that it has been approved, or deemed exempt, by Colby’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The contact person for IRB is:
Professor Tarja Raag

Deadline: Applications for the next round of funding are due by Monday, March 4, 2019, and should be sent electronically to Megan Fossa,

Further information: Contact Megan Fossa, Program Coordinator, Center for the Arts and Humanities,