Director: Kerill O’Neill


Miller 200


Faculty Associate Director: Lydia MolandScreen Shot 2016-09-13 at 9.40.20 AM

Lovejoy 251


Program Coordinator: Megan Fossa

Miller 201


Executive Committee

Student Advisory Board

Students play a key role in shaping the programming and vision of the center, and the student advisory board (SAB) serves as a representative voice, a promotional agent, and an important liaison between the student body and the center. Current members of SAB include:

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Faculty Coordinating Committee

  • Dean Allbritton, Spanish
  • Kim Besio, East Asian Studies
  • Adrian Blevins, Creative Writing
  • Audrey Brunetaux, French & Italian
  • Sharon Corwin, Museum of Art
  • Alicia Ellis, German & Russian
  • Clem Guthro, Library
  • Lydia Moland, Philosophy
  • Kerill O’Neill, Classics
  • Elizabeth Sagaser, English
  • Laura Saltz, American Studies
  • Tanya Sheehan, Art
  • Jim Thurston, Theater and Dance
  • Arnout van der Meer, History
  • Natalie Zelensky, Music

2016-17 Annual Humanities Theme Co-Sponsors

Environmental Humanities Sub-Committee

  • Mary Ellis Gibson, English
  • Margaret McFadden, American Studies; Associate Provost & Dean of Faculty
  • Philip Nyhus, Environmental Studies
  • Kerill O’Neill, Center for the Arts and Humanities
  • Keith Peterson, Philosophy
  • Laura Saltz, American Studies
  • Tanya Sheehan, Art