Spring 2016 Seminar

Seminars are on Fridays from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM in Diamond 141
except when noted otherwise

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February 5

 Organizational Meeting

February 12
Julie Millard and Chemistry faculty
3 PM, Keyes 105
Information Sourcing, Referencing and Scientific Ethics
February 19
Special Chemistry / Environmental Studies Seminar
Jim Malley, UNH
Engineering Considerations When Applying Environmental Chemistry Processes to Full-Scale Municipal Drinking Water Treatment Facilities
February 26
Chemistry Faculty Poster Session
3 PM, Keyes 2nd floor

March 4

Robert Mason, University of Connecticut
3 PM, Keyes 105
Methylmercury in coastal and ocean fish: Where does it come from?
March 8
 Special ES/BioChemistry Seminar
Kristen Enright ’09
6:00 PM at the MLRC (Belgrade Lakes)

March 11

Andre Isaacs, College of the Holy CrossTrapping the Ketenimine: Copper-Catalyzed Multicomponent Reactions
March 18 Kana Takematsu, Bowdoin College
How Nature Moves Charges
April 1
no seminar this week
April 8

Thomas Knauber, Pfizer

Development of a Pd-Catalyzed Negishi-Type Arylation of Sulfones and Sulfonamides with Aryl Bromides

3 PM, Keyes 105

April 15

Sarah Lane-Reticker
Jacob Zhang

April 22

Chris Millman
Mark Ravichandran

Vania Lopez Ruiz

April 28

Paul Scott

Ryan Weeks

Xi Yang

Yanan Long

Nicholas Kim

Daniel Maurer

May 6

11:00 AM:
Kristin Esdale
Sophie Suechting

Hunter Moore
3:00 PM:
Robert Cummings
William Lin
Karunya Nathan

Fall 2015 Seminar

Seminars are on Fridays from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM in Diamond 122
except when noted otherwise

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September 11


Organizational Meeting


September 18
Benjamin Twining, Bigelow Laboratories
September 25
3 PM, Keyes 105
Jeffery Byers, Boston College
October 2
  Peter Woodruff, University of Southern Maine
“Exploiting enzymes to synthesize probes against pathogenic mycobacteria”

October 9

Special Chemistry / Physics Seminar
3 PM, Keyes 105
James De Yoreo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
“Creating order from chaos: Physical Insights into Nature’s Way of Making Materials”
October 16
 Brent Berwin, Dartmouth College
“Chasing Tail: How Your Cells Signal in Response to Bugs That Wiggle”

October 23

Michael Hren, University of Connecticut
October 30
 Yu-Shan Lin, Tufts University
“Targeting protein-protein interactions”
November 6
Kristie Koski, Brown University
November 13

Sarah Lane-Reticker

Xi Yang

Ryan Weeks

November 20

Yanan LongNicholas KimDaniel Maurer

November 27

Thanksgiving Break

no seminar

December 4

Vania Lopez Ruiz

Robert Cummings

Paul Scott

December 11

11 AM: Sophie Suechting
Hunter Moore
Kristin Esdale
Jacob Zhang
3 PM: Chris Millman
William Lin
Mark Ravichandran
Karunya Nathan