Spring 2017 Seminar

Seminars are on Fridays from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM in Diamond 141
except when noted otherwise

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February 3

 Organizational Meeting

February 10

Prof. Mary Watson, University of Delaware

Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Couplings of Alkyl Amine Derivatives

February 17
Dr. Martin J. Schnermann (Colby ’02), National Cancer Institute
Near-IR Uncaging Chemistry: Discovery and Applications
February 24

Prof. Andrew Kennedy, Bates College

Epigenetic-based Therapeutics to Improve Learning and Memory

March 3


Prof. Jenifer Braley, Colorado School of Mines

Opportunities in Actinide Radiochemistry:

From Fundamental to Applied Research

3:00 pm in Keyes 105

March 10

Prof. Aaron Beeler, Boston University

New Approaches Toward Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry

March 17


Prof. Katherine Mirica, Dartmouth College

Stimuli-Responsive Materials for Chemical Sensing and Microelectronics

March 24   

Spring Break, no seminar


March 31 

Prof. Stephen Fox, University of New England

Dicopper(I) Complexes of 1,8-Naphthyridine-2,7-diimines:

Synthesis, Study, and Scope

3:00 pm in Keyes 105

April 7

Prof. Justin Hines, Lafayette College

The Heritable Amyloids of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae – Defining Prion-Specific Chaperone Functions in Yeast

April 14

Student Presentations

Andrew Beacham

Sava Petovic

Haoran Zhang

April 21

11:00 AM Student Presentations:

Anthony Cappellino

Afia Asantewaa Obeng

Sam Arthur

3:00 PM Student Presentations (Keyes 105):

Kiana Kawamura

Ellie Irish

Katie Discipio

April 27

Honors Student Presentations (CLAS 1:00-2:30 pm Diamond 145)

Tarini Hardikar

Rui “Tracy” Fan

 Dylan Cincotta

Emma Berger

May 5

Student Presentations

Faiyaz Islam

Alex Plesa

Baturay Aydemir

3:00 PM Student Presentations (Keyes 105):

Becca Chmiel

Anna Donovan


Fall 2016 Seminar

Seminars are on Fridays from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM in Davis 301
except when noted otherwise

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September 9


Organizational Meeting


September 16
Leila Deravi, Northeastern University

“Using Proteins as Materials for Electronic Devices”

September 23
Lewis Rothberg, University of Rochester
“Chromophore Interactions in Conjugated Polymers”
September 30
Will Gramlich, University of Maine

“Next Generation Hydrogels from Renewable Sources for Biomedical Applications”

October 7

Elizabeth Young, Amherst College

“Sunlight to electricity using dyes? Photo-physical investigations of new Bodipy dyes for use in organic solar cells”

October 14
Charles Mace, Tufts University

“Point-of-Need Analyses Using Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices”

October 21

11 AM (Davis 301): Aimee Eggler, Villanova University

“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Opposing roles for reactive oxygen species in activating our antioxidant and detoxification genes”

3 PM (Keyes 105):  Kara Kugelmeyer, Colby College Science Librarian

October 28
Casey Wade, Brandeis University
“Elucidating Site-isolation Effects in Metal-organic Frameworks Assembled from Pincer Complexes”
November 4
Eranthie Weerapana, Boston College
“Chemical-Proteomic Strategies to Investigate Reactive Cysteines”
November 11
Student Presentations

11 AM (Davis 301):  Tarini Hardikar, Tracy Fan, Haoran Zhang

3 PM (Keyes 105):  Dylan Cincotta, Emma Berger, Anna Donovan

November 18

Student Presentations

Alex Plesa, Katherine Discipio, Sava Petovic, Andrew Beacham

November 25

Thanksgiving Break

no seminar

December 2

Student Presentations

Anthony Cappellino, Faiyaz Islam, Afia Obeng, Rebecca Chmiel

December 9

Student Presentations

Kiana Kawamura, Sam Arthur, Baturay Aydemir