Karunya Nathan, 2016 Karunya_Nathan

Major(s) Chemistry-Biochemistry with a Cell and Molecular concentration, & Studio Art with a concentration in Painting
Hometown, High School Medway, MA; Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA

I am majoring in chemistry because I love visualizing atomic orbitals and reaction mechanisms…

At Colby I am an executive member of Colby Woman of Color Alliance (WOCA), attend as many Pugh Center events as possible, and take part in Colby’s Student Art Committee (SAC).

After Colby I plan on doing something creative….


Paul Scott, Class of 2016

Major: Chemistry/Biochemistry
Hometown: Weston, Massachusetts
High School: Weston High School

I am majoring in chemistry because it’s integral to either of my career aspirations, either pharmaceutical research or medicine.

At Colby, I am also involved with the football team, MAV, and The Bridge.

After Colby, I plan on going to either medical school or to graduate school to study chemistry.

pbscott @ colby dot edu



Zhicheng Jacob Zhang 2016

Chemistry, Art
Hometown:  Nanjing, China, Nanjing Foreign Language School A-level Centre

I’m majoring in Chemistry because it’s the coolest science.

At Colby I’m also involved in Pottery Club, Student Advisory Board of Colby College Museum of Art, and Asian Student Association.

After Colby I plan on searching for internships in the field of art conservation and living life to the fullest.

zzhang at colby dot edu




Dylan Plaskon 2015

Chemistry/Biochemistry, ACS

I am majoring in chemistry because I think it is fascinating what takes place at the molecular level that we can’t directly see. I think its pretty amazing trying to manipulate these molecules, especially biological ones, to help us understand and harness nature.

I do research for Professor Rice, TA in the chem department, tutor chemistry, and work in the chemistry help center.

After Colby I hope to enter a Ph.D. program in biochemistry, and hopefully remain in academia after that.



R CummingsRobert Cummings III, 2016

Concord, New Hampshire, Concord High School

I am majoring in Chemistry because for me, it just clicks. I love to learn but nothing makes quite as much sense to me on a basic level as chemistry ever has. I cannot wait to make it my career.

At Colby I am also involved in Model United Nations, Colby Freeride, and Colby Cycling Club.

After Colby, I am planning on going to graduate school; I am unsure if it will be Medical School or a Biochemistry graduate program.

rscummin at colby dot edu

1798154_10203006739594728_2026515322_nDarcy Ahern, 2015

Major: Chemistry-Biochemistry
Boxborough, Ma, Acton-Boxborough Regional High School

I am majoring in chemistry because I enjoy studying processes at their most basic level in order to understand much larger and more complex problems. I also like that chemistry can be applied to so many different areas, such as medicine, engineering, and the environment.

At Colby I am also involved in Colby Dancers, Best Buddies, and researching in Professor Millard’s lab

After Colby I plan on attending graduate school and then continuing my chemistry career through research.


Daniel Maurer, 2016dan mauer

Major: Chemistry – Biochemistry
Hometown: Burnsville, Minnesota High School: The Blake School

I am majoring in chemistry because I always find myself asking why? and how? about things in the world around me and chemistry often holds answers to those questions. Chemistry is also extremely relevant in our everyday lives from the way our food tastes and the art we create to environmental issues, the complexity of life, and medicine.

After Colby I plan on pursuing an MD/PhD in medicinal chemistry.

Email Address: dpmaurer@colby.edu



SR Current Student Webpage (1)Samuel Redstone, 2015

Major: Chemistry-Biochemistry
Hometown: South Portland, Maine, South Portland High School

I am majoring in chemistry because I have a fascination with living organisms, and to me the natural world makes much more sense if it can be understood at the molecular level.

At Colby I work in Professor Millard’s research lab and TA organic chemistry. I am also involved with Students for Educational Reform and the Colby Cycling Club.

After Colby I plan to enter graduate school and am currently considering the field of medicinal chemistry/drug development.

See also: http://web.colby.edu/ch151/sams-page/


Julia Middleton, 2015

Hometown: Chebeague Island, ME,  Wellesley High Schooljulia1

I’m studying chemistry because I’m fascinated by marine chemistry. Understanding how chemical reactions work at the foundation of marine ecosystems gives a whole new view to the larger biological interactions.

Other things I’m involved in: EnviroCo, SOBHU (Students Organized for Black and Hispanic Unity), and Broom ball!
After graduation: Right now I’m planning on working in marine related internships for a year or two before graduate school. I’m a double major with ecology, so a lot of the work I want to do after graduating combines marine chemistry and marine ecology. I would love to work on everything form coral reef ecosystems to ecosystems right in the Gulf of Maine.


Nicholas Kim, 2016

Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA, Graduated from Walnut High School chemistry

 When I first found out that dihydrogen monoxide was the same as water back in the 9th grade, I knew I would like Chemistry. I am currently studying Chemistry because the chemistry department houses amazing faculty. Also, I am amazed at how Chemistry can create, destroy, manipulate and change things on the macroscopic level, by examining what occurs at the microscopic level.  

 I am part of Varsity Colby Swimming, volunteer at Inland Hospital, manage the Colby Wind Ensemble, casually throw with the pottery club, and partake in the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. I also offer some of my time to working as a library assistant at Bixler Library.

After Colby, I plan to go on to medical school. 


 Colin Sheehan, 2015

Major: Chemistry- Biochemistry and Mathematics
Hometown: Chester Springs, PA
High School: The Hill School

I am majoring in Biochemistry because I think it is incredibly interesting how living organisms function at the molecular level.  I want to better understand how the simple building blocks of life are able to maintain incredibly intricate organisms like humans.
At Colby I research in Kevin Rice’s lab, TA for the chemistry and math departments, volunteer through CCAK, and lead trips for the Outing Club.
After Colby I plan on pursuing a PhD, and then continuing to do biochemistry research in academia or industry

Juan Morotti, 2015 juan

Major: Chemistry- Biochemistry
Hometown: Bronx, New York
High School: Bronx Academy of Letters

I am majoring in chemistry because I find it interesting that these small molecules, invisible to the human eye, can bind together to organize complex organisms. I mean what other science is as cool as Chemistry?
At Colby I am a research student in Whitney King’s laboratory, a teaching assistant for organic chemistry lab, a member of the Men of Color Alliance at Colby, a member of the Gentlemen of Quality Club, I work at the chemistry help center, I tutor chemistry, and am co-president of the Chemistry Club.

After Colby, I plan on going to medical school.


Joseph DeAngelo, 2015

Major: Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences
Hometown: West Roxbury, MA
High School: Boston Latin School

I am majoring in chemistry because it is a field that allows me to solve new and interesting problems every day. I love that this science allows me to be hands-on in the lab while still maintaining a problem solving aspect. There are so many different areas within chemistry that have an extremely large range of applications have a direct impact in our every day lives, allowing each student to focus on their individual interests. Chemistry also has allowed me to combine my interests of both mathematics and science.

At Colby, I am a member of Dasan Thamattoor’s Physical Organic Chemistry research lab. I also am a TA for the Organic Chemistry labs, am a TA for the Math department, work in the Chemistry help center, captain of Colby’s club hockey team, and am the Chemistry Club Co-President.

After Colby, I plan on pursuing an M.D. Ph.D. dual degree

Andy Clevenger, 2015

Major: Chemistry
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: LaGrangeville, NY
High school: Arlington High School

I am majoring in chemistry because I find it amazing that we can target and change one part of a complex molecule. I also find it interesting that there are so many different ways to change these molecules, and that each completed experiment represents a step forward in knowledge.

At Colby I work in Professor Jeffrey Katz’s synthetic organic chemistry lab. I also work as a teaching assistant in the introductory organic chemistry lab and for the math department. Outside of Keyes I play french horn in the Colby Symphony Orchestra, trumpet in the Colby Jazz Band, and both french horn and trumpet in the Colby Wind Ensemble and Colby Brass Ensemble. I am also the president of the Handbell Choir.

After Colby I plan on going to graduate school in organic chemistry.