Colby Chemistry graduates are everywhere.  Approximately two thirds of recent graduates pursue graduate studies in chemistry or biochemistry, medicinal, veterinary, or dental school, or other graduate programs such as engineering or law school.  Former graduates are professors, research scientists,  engineers, doctors, lawyers, and brewers. Others have taken positions in pharmacy, toxicology, environmental policy, banking, insurance, or the ministry. A major in chemistry can open the door to a wide variety of professional occupations.  Scroll through the slide show below for profiles of interesting alumni.


  • Tina Beachy is now back at Colby College teaching Introductory Biology and Genetics laboratories.

    After Colby, Tina worked for two years before going to Penn State Hershey Medical Center where she earned a Master’s degree in the department of Microbiology and Immunology. For the last nine years she has been back at Colby, having defected from Keyes to Arey, where she now teach Introductory Biology and Genetics laboratories. Graduate school allowed her to recognize what a great education she received at Colby and she thinks it is wonderful to be able to give back to the college so directly. She haven’t left chemistry completely behind however.  As a hobby, she melt glass and play with some interesting chemical reactions based on the chemical composition of the mixing glass!

  • Dr. Michael Yunes ’95

    Dr. Michael Yunes ’95 graduated from Tufts Medical School and completed a residency in Radiation Oncology. He is currently the Director of the Stereotactic Radiosurgery Program at the Baystate Regional Cancer Program in Springfield, MA. He is a member of the American Board of Radiology Examination Committee and a member of the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria Committee. His clinical interests include cancers of the Head and Neck, Central Nervous System, Lymphomas and malignancies in the Pediatric population.


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