CH142 Section A (9:00 am), Prof. Shattuck

02/03/2016: Wednesday

Here are Instructions for logging into Sapling Chemistry:
Sapling Learning Chemistry,
Reading: Ch. 12.1-12.4 Solutions

Click on Phenolphthalein/JMol in 3D-Molecular Structures, (or go the Chemistry Home page> Resources> 3D-Molecular Structures> Phenolphthalein-JMol version)

02/04/2016: Thursday

Sapling on-line homework: Review problems from Chapters 1,3, and 11 : Due date 02/05/2016.

02/05/2016: Friday

Sapling Homework : Chapter 12 first part: This homework will be for extra credit, since our section didn"t explicitly cover this material. We will focus on concentration calculations, Henry"s Law, and colligative properties in the next homework assignment. : Due date 02/08/2016.

Sapling due

02/08/2016: Monday

Sapling due