CH142 Section A (9:00 am), Prof. Shattuck

02/03/2016: Wednesday

Here are Instructions for logging into Sapling Chemistry:
Sapling Learning Chemistry,
Reading: Ch. 12.1-12.4 Solutions

Click on Phenolphthalein/JMol in 3D-Molecular Structures, (or go the Chemistry Home page> Resources> 3D-Molecular Structures> Phenolphthalein-JMol version)

02/04/2016: Thursday

Sapling on-line homework: Review problems from Chapters 1,3, and 11 : Due date 02/05/2016.

02/05/2016: Friday

Sapling Homework : Chapter 12 first part: This homework will be for extra credit, since our section didn"t explicitly cover this material. We will focus on concentration calculations, Henry"s Law, and colligative properties in the next homework assignment. : Due date 02/08/2016.

Sapling due

02/08/2016: Monday

Sapling Homework: Chapter 12 second part (Henry"s law and colligative properties) : Due date 02/10/2016.

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02/10/2016: Wednesday

Equilibrium Constants, (Power Point)
Reading: Chapter 14.1 and 14.2 Describing Equilibrium
Sapling Homework: Chapter 12 last part : Due date 02/12/2016.

02/12/2016: Friday

Reading: Chapter 14.3-14.4 Working with Equilibria
Sapling Homework: Chapter 14 first part : Due date 02/15/2016.

02/15/2016: Monday

Sapling Homework: Chapter 14 second part : Due date 02/17/2016.

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02/17/2016: Wednesday

Sapling due

02/19/2016: Friday

Sapling Homework: "end Chapter 14" : Due date 02/22/2016.

02/22/2016: Monday

Reading: Chapter 13.1-13.4
Sapling Homework: Chapter 13 first part (reaction rates and rate laws): Due Date 2/24/2016

02/24/2016: Wednesday

Sapling Homework: Chapter 13 second part (time course plots) : Due date 02/26/2016.

Optional, extra credit Sapling Homework: due at 4:00 p.m. on test day : Due date 03/02/2016.

02/26/2016: Friday

Learning goals for test 1: Check the
CH142B Moodle Page,
Notes for Test 1,
No Sapling Homework due on Monday morning (work on the extra credit homeowork instead)

02/29/2016: Monday

Question and Answer session: Olin 1 at 7:00 pm.
Click on catalase/JMol in
3D-Molecular Structures, (or go the Chemistry Home page> Resources> 3D-Molecular Structures> catalase-JMol version)
Reading: Chapter 13.5-13.6

03/02/2016: Wednesday

Test Chapters 12.1-12.4,14.1-14.4, and 13.1-13.4 at 5:00-7:00 pm Keyes 105 ( in Chapter 12: emphasis on 12.1, like-dissolves-like, Henry"s Law, and Colligative properties )
Reading: Chapter 13.7 catalysis
Answers to the additional problems (pdfs) on the Sapling Web site:
Additional Problem (pdf versions),

03/04/2016: Friday

: Due date 03/07/2016.

Strong and Weak Electrolytes, Review from CH141

03/07/2016: Monday

Acid-Base Strength,
Reading CH14.5, CH15.1-15.2
Sapling Homework: Chapter 15 second part : Due date 03/09/2016.

03/09/2016: Wednesday

Sapling Homework: Ch 15 3rd part (weak acids) : Due date 03/11/2016

03/11/2016: Friday

Reading: Chapter 15.3-15.7, 16.1

03/14/2016: Monday

Sapling Homework: Ch 15 end start CH 16 : Due date 03/16/2016.

03/16/2016: Wednesday

Sapling Homework: Chapter 16 2nd Part : Due date 03/18/2016.

Sapling due

03/18/2016: Friday

Problem Solving,
The lab for the week after Spring break is posted: Qualitative Analysis for Cations, Prelab,
No Sapling Homework due on Monday March 28

03/25/2016: Friday

Learning Goals updated for Exam 2 and Example Exam 2:
CH142B Moodle Page,
Optional, extra credit Sapling Homework: due at 4:00 p.m. on test day : : Due date 04/04/2016.

A note was added to the Buffer lab report form that will help some students: Exp 6: Buffers Report Form, down load the new version if you have previously obtained the older version

03/28/2016: Monday

Reading: Ch. 16.3 titrations
Sapling Homework: Ch 16 3rd part : Due date 03/30/2016.

Sapling Homework: Chapter 16 part 3 : Due date 03/30/2016.

03/30/2016: Wednesday

Titration Problem Solving,
Sapling Homework: No required homework for Friday 4/1/2016 or Monday 4/4/2016

04/01/2016: Friday

Solubility Product Constants
Ksp, (at McGraw Hill)

04/02/2016: Saturday

Question and Answer Session: 4:00-5:00 pm. Keyes 105

04/03/2016: Sunday

Question and Answer session: 3:30-4:30 pm Keyes 105

04/04/2016: Monday

Test: Ch. 13.5-13.7, 14.5, 15, 20.1 (Lewis acids/bases), 16.1-16.2 (buffers) : 5:00-7:00 pm Keyes 105
Sapling due

04/06/2016: Wednesday

Sapling Homework: CH 16 last parts : Due date 04/08/2016.

Reading 16.4-16.5 Solubility and Complexation

04/08/2016: Friday

Ocean acidification causes bleaching and productivity loss in coral reef builders
PNAS 105,45,17442,
Reading: Chapter 19.1-19.2 Coordination Complexes
Coordination Complexes (ppt),

04/11/2016: Monday

Reading: Chapter 19.3-19.4 (we won"t stress magnetic properties or low and high spin issues)
Sapling Homework: Chapter 19 Coordination Complexes : Due date 04/13/2016.

04/12/2016: Tuesday

Women in Science panel discussion: 7-8 pm Parker Reed Room at the Alumni Center: career options in the sciences, advice on how to navigate challenges along the way

04/13/2016: Wednesday

Sapling Homework: Ch. 19 end Crystal Field Theory : Due date 04/15/2016.

Sapling due

04/15/2016: Friday

Entropy of phase transitions,
Absolute Entropies, of substances
Sapling Homework: Ch. 17 part 1 (Section A hasn"t gotten to the fourth problem yet, so you can skip that one) : Due date 04/18/2016.

Reading: Ch. 17.1-17.2

04/18/2016: Monday

Reading: Ch. 17.3-17.4
Three Laws of
Sapling Homework: Ch. 17 part 2 : Due date 04/20/2016.

04/19/2016: Tuesday

Optional, extra credit Sapling Homework: due at 4:00 p.m. on test day Apr. 26

04/20/2016: Wednesday

Learning Goals updated for Exam 3 and Example Exam 3:
CH142B Moodle,
Reading Ch. 17.3-17.5 Gibbs Energy and Equilibrium

04/22/2016: Friday

Reading: 18.1-18.2 Balancing Redox reactions (review of first semester)
Sapling Homework: no required homework due for Monday (work on the optional problems to help prepare for the test)
A practice test (with answers) is also available on our section"s site:
Practice Test 3,

04/24/2016: Sunday

Question and Answer Session: Keyes 105 4:00-5:00 PM

04/25/2016: Monday

Reading: Ch. 18.3-18.5 Electrochemical cells

04/26/2016: Tuesday

Test: Ch. 16.3-16.5 (starting with titrations), 19.1-19.4, 17.1-17.5, 18.1-18.2 (review from CH141) : 5:00-7:00 pm Keyes 105

04/27/2016: Wednesday

Sapling Homework: CH18 Start: Electrochemistry : Due date 05/02/2016.

04/29/2016: Friday

Test 3
Copy without answers,

05/02/2016: Monday

Sapling Homework: CH 18 second part: electrochemical cells : Due date 05/04/2016.

Sapling due

05/04/2016: Wednesday

Reading: Ch. 18.6-7 (electrolysis); Ch. 22.1-22.2 (nuclear stability)
Acidic Seawater From Climate Change Hurting Florida Keys:
US News,
Sapling Homework: CH 18 end (electrolysis) : Due date 05/06/2016.

Sample questions for the Colby portion of the final are available: Old tests,

05/06/2016: Friday

Reading: 22.3 induced nuclear reactions
Nuclear Chemistry, (ppt)
Extra credit optional final homework for CH18 & CH22 open to 8 am of final day: 05/14/2016 08:00 AM
Learning Goals updated for the Final Exam: CH142B Moodle,

05/10/2016: Tuesday

Question and Answer Session: 2:00 Keyes105
The equations that will be included (if you need them) are listed with the
final sample problems,