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K-8 Chemistry Outreach


Julie T. Millard, Dorros Professor of Life Sciences
Keyes 304, x5757

Lisa M. Miller, Senior Teaching Associate
Keyes 310, x5752

During January 2014, 48 classrooms visited!

During January 2012, 35 classrooms visited!

Caleb works with young soil scientists at Lawrence Junior High.

Course Objectives
Students apply chemical principles learned in prior courses to new settings and contexts to benefit the community. They achieve this by developing hands-on activities for area school children that illustrate the relevance of chemistry to society. These activities, which fulfill age-specific learning goals for the State of Maine, are run in area schools and in Colby chemistry labs for visiting children. Students use their creativity to develop safe and inexpensive chemistry activities and enhance their communication skills in the preparation of teacher kits (written) and in the implementation of these activities with children (oral).
Course Materials:



Day 1 Powerpoint: Course Overview

Day 1 Powerpoint: Matter Overview

Day 2 Powerpoint: Energy Overview

Day 2 Powerpoint: Chemistry, Color, and Art

Day 2 Powerpoint: Chemistry and Health

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