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Hull Design

The Colby Compass was constructed from a Godfrey Marine, 24 foot, Sweetwater style, pontoon boat. The hull was custom ordered with 25" pontoons for extra capacity, a vinyl deck, and a hatch located 8' back from the bow. The deck stringers on each side of the hatch were reinforced with aluminum C beams welded between the stringers. In addition, the deck was reinforced with 3/8 aluminum plate to distribute the weight of the crane over the deck surface. The crane was attached with bolts passing through the deck plate, through the plywood decking, and finally through another aluminum plate welded to the deck stringers forward of the hatch. The boat was ordered with only the helm station seating to provide space for instruments and sampling gear. Folding chairs are used general purpose seating.

The pictures above show the sampling crane in two configurations. Photographs on the left show the crane configured for coring. The end of the crane is supported by two aluminum support poles attached to aluminum plates bolted to the deck. In this configuration, the crane pulley is located just above the sampling hatch allowing 10 meter cores to be pulled on deck using the crane. The photograph on the right shows the crane deployed for water sampling. In this configuration, the VFin may be lowered into the water between the pontoons at the bow of the boat. The VFin may be "towed" at speeds of up to 5 knots.

Goodfrey Marine



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