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Spring Seminar 2013

Spring 2014

Seminars are on Fridays from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM in Diamond 141 except when noted otherwise.

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February 7

Organizational Meeting

February 14

Chemistry Faculty Poster Session

Special location and time: second floor of Keyes at 3 PM!!!

February 21

Professor Julie Gosse, University of Maine

"Effect of endocrine disruptors on mast cell function"

More information about Professor Gosse

February 28

Dr. Reuben Hudson,
Colby College

"Magnetically recoverable nanoparticles as easily recyclable catalysts for hydrogenation, 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions, and condensation reactions"

March 7

Professor Tom Wenzel, Bates College

"The Use of NMR Spectroscopy for Chiral Differentiation"

More information about Professor Wenzel

March 14

To be announced


March 21

Professor Sarah Delaney, Brown University


More information about Professor Delaney

April 4, 3 PM (Keyes 105)

Professor John Stubbs,University of New England


More information about Professor Stubbs

April 11

Dr. Michael Yunes '95, Baystate Regional Cancer Center

"Clinical Radiobiology: Why do we intentionally expose patients to radiation?"

April 18

Student Presentations

Natalie Fischer, Courtney McIntosh-Peters, and Kristen Robinson

April 25

Student Presentations

Tyler White, Scott Hansen, and Ryan Newell

May 1

Honors Presentations during CLAS

Katie Coe, Edward Chuang, Max Cushner, Jamie Suzuki, Kathryn Moore, and Abebu Kassie

May 9

Student Presentations

Justin Owumi, Kimara Nzamubona, and Jackie Robinson

Seminar program coordinated by Julie Millard and Rebecca Conry