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From time to time the group gets together for fun activities. Please click on the links below for slideshows of pictures taken at these events.



Holiday Dinner, 2013: The traditional holiday dinner was held at Das' home on Sunday, December 8th. Members of the lab as well as Dr. Ethan Kohn were present to celebrate the conclusion of the fall semester, and the arrival of the holiday season.


Summer Retreat 2013: On Wednesday, July 17th, all the students in the Das group (Colby undergraduates as well as highschoolers) got togther for a retreat at Das' camp by Great Moose Lake in Hartland. Also joining us on this beautiful day were our guests from New York - Professor Dina Merrer of Barnard College and three of her students who were visiting at the time to run collaborative experiments. As the pictures tell, all of us had a great time on a spectacualr day.


Farewell Dinner 2013: On Saturday, May 4th, members of Das' lab as well as students who helped teach the organic chemistry course got together for dinner. It was a wonderful to hang out together for one last time before bidding the seniors goodbye.


Former Group Members Return to Ol' Stomping Grounds: Dr. Tim Newhouse '05 (Ph.D. from Scripps with Professor Phil Baran and now a post-doc with Professor E. J. Corey at Harvard) visited the campus on October 19, 2012. He taught one of Das' organic chemistry class and then gave a research seminar. All of us gathered that evening for dinner and unbeknownst to Tim his good friend Cat Welch '05 was also invited. Cat arrived with her adorable 8-month old baby boy Robbie who ended up being the star of the night.


Summer Retreat, 2012: The research group spent all of July 25th by the lake at Das' summer camp. Boating and tubing were quickly followed by rowing a heavy (AND DEAD) motor boat to shore. Abebu also got to check kayaking off her bucket list.


End-of-year Dinner, 2012: Members of Das' research lab as well as students in his advanced course gathered for dinner on May 7. Beatrice trying to avoid the paparazzi was both futile and amusing.


Holiday Dinner, 2011: Students from Das' research group as well those who helped teach the organic chemistry lab got together on December 11 to celebrate the holiday season, and the end of another successful semester. Garth is still trying to figure out who sang that unusual version of Led Zepplin's "Stairway to Heaven" on Pandora during dinner.


Summer Retreat, 2011: All members of the research team took a day off for a retreat at Das' summer camp by Great Moose Lake in Hartland. Professor Ethan Kohn also made a guest appearance. The event featured swimming, kayaking, fishing, boating, tubing, and horseshoeing as well as grilled fare.


Graduation Dinner, 2011: On May 7th, members of the lab and their guests gathered for a farewell dinner in honor of the graduating seniors from the group - Colin Anson, Peter Kirk, Ken Perrone and Lisa Park. This time we did save the meatballs until Lisa and Kojo showed up (see below)!


Martin Schnermann '02 ties the knot: Martin Schnermann and Pareshma Patel (Pinky) were married on January 29, 2011 on the campus of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California. The traditional Gujarati style wedding was held on a beautiful day in a picture perfect setting right by the ocean. Other distinguished alums of our lab, Stan Presolski '05 and Tim Newhouse '05 were also at the wedding.


Holiday Dinner, 2010: Members of Das' research lab, and their guests, got together for the traditional holiday dinner on December 11. Aside from the usual fun and good cheer, this event was particularly memorable for the mysterious disappearance of all meatballs before Lisa and Kojo showed up. The forensic evidence points to Kelly, of course! Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, anyone?


Fun at Fenway: The entire group drove down to Boston on August 5th, 2010 to watch the Indians play the Red Sox. They were joined at the stadium by former lab member (and notorioius Yankee fan) Tatenda Mahlokozera. It was a beautiful evening and a fun occasion despite the fact that the Indians were at the short end and Das had to take Tatenda's constant ribbing. The event was capped off with a meal at a nearby Indian restaurant.


Graduation Dinner, 2010: On May 13th, a farewell dinner was held to honor the latest group of graduates from the Thamattoor lab- Jessica Levasseur, Lane Phillips, and John Goods. The three honorees, as well as their lab mates and guests, attended the event and then went on to see the Cavs choke against the Celtics (sorry John!)


Holiday Dinner, 2009: Students from Das' research lab, as well as the folks who helped teach the organic chemistry lab, gathered for a holiday dinner on December 11, 2009. This annual event, which is a long-standing group tradition, was abundantly infused with the holiday spirit and great cheer by all those who attended.


Group Dinner, Summer '09: Members of the group got together for dinner during the final week of summer research. Tom Sisto '09 made a guest appearance and Das Thamattoor's attempt to eliminate some of the students with his fiery goat curry was an utter failure. They were immune to the spice and heat. The event was a chance for all members of the team to hang out together for one last time before heading home and getting ready for the fall semester.


Outing Club Retreat: With summer research winding down, the group went on a retreat one afternoon to the Colby Outing Club. Tom Sisto '09, caretaker of the Outing Club for the summer and an alum of the group, graciously played host. After grilling an assortment of food for lunch, everyone got to have fun in the water on a perfect day.


Bixler Art Museum Tour: As Colby's Bixler Art Museum is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year, the group went on a guided tour to see its collections. The tour was given by Greg Williams, father of Margaret Williams, a member of the lab in the summer. There were many spectacular works of art on display and the trip provided a nice diversion from the typical work day routine.


Team Thamattoor Goes Bowling: Recently the group went bowling to the local alley. It was a perfect antidote to a dreary rainy day. This was Tatenda's first foray into bowling and for a while it looked like he might be willingto trade his med school dreams to become a pro bowler. Lane Phillips '10, however, came from behind to demolish the field. Colin Anson '11, with his funky action, threatened to run away with Game 2 but was cut short by the game clock.


Farewell Dinner for Graduating Seniors: On May 17th there was a group dinner to celebrate the graduation of Jon Guerrette, Tatenda Mahlokozera, Tom Sisto. Jon will go back to Dartmouth to finish his engineering degree, Tatenda will join the Harvard Children's Hospital as a Research Assistant, and Tom will teach chemistry at the Fryeburg Academy.


Indians vs Yankees: On April 18, 2009 Tatenda Mahlokozera '09, Das Thamattoor and Professor Dan Cohen (Philosophy) were at the new Yankee Stadium in NY for the second game of the stadium-opening series. Much to the dismay of Tatenda and Professor Cohen, BUT NOT DAS, the Tribe registered a historic 22-4 win which included a record setting 14-run second inning. The Indians and Yanks, however, have gone in opposite directions since.


Holiday Dinner 2008: The annual holiday dinner was held a liitle earlier this year largely prompted by an urge to celebrate Jon and Christie's engagement and the return visit to campus of Danny Herrick '08. The group's carbon atom reactor is now officially named (and we have the label to prove it!) The Daniel B. Herrick Reactor.


Martin Schnermann '02 comes back to visit: After successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation at the Scripps Research Institute this August, Dr. Martin Schnermann came to visit Maine with his friend Pinky. During this trip he set aside some time to stop by Waterville and catch up with Das Thamattoor. Team Thamattoor gathered for a dinner to celebrate Martin's accomplishments and wish him well in his upcoming post doctoral stint at the University of California, Irvine.


Indians vs Red Sox: In September, John Goods '10, Tatenda Mahlokozera '09, Kristen Hitchcox '09, and Das Thamattoor went to Boston to see the Indians play the Red Sox. This was Tatenda's first ever major league baseball game and it was a good one. Perfect weather, great seats, and a close game that the Red Sox won 5-4. On the way back, they accidentally stumbled upon what is believed to be the finest Indian restaurant in Boston. The goat curry was awesome!


Jon Guerrette's 21st birthday: Last summer "Basic" Jon turned 21. The group got together for a cookout to celebrate the event. Can you guess why he is called "Basic" Jon? (Hint: The other John in the group is identified as "Acidic!" John! Yup! It is Nerdy Nomenclature, or Geek Talk)