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Seminars are scheduled on Fridays from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM in Keyes 105 unless stated otherwise
Every seminar will be followed by a short reception in Keyes 104

September 12

Seminar Organization

Graduate School Opportunities and Application Process


September 19

Cynthia A. Parker

Director of Career Services, Colby College

Career Services Resources at Colby

September 25

Chris Zeigler

University of Akron

"The Design of Ordered Solids Using Borates: From Structure to Function."

Special Thursday seminar at 7:00 pm

October 3

Elizabeth A. Stemmler

Bowdoin College

"A Little Mass Spectrometry with your Lobster? The Detection and Identification of
Neuropeptides in Crustaceans by MALDI-FTMS

October 7

Mary Wirth

"Surface science of bioanalytical materials"

Special Tuesday seminar at 7:00 PM in Lovejoy 100

October 17

Mark Wells

University of Maine

"Iron and Amnesia: The Synergistic Effects of Iron and Copper on the Toxicity of Diatoms."

October 24

John Winn


Dartmouth College


"Spying on Your Neighbors: The Connection Between Small van der Waals Clusters and Matrix-isolated Species."


November 7

HHMI Career Panel

November 14

Natasha Kablaoui

"Chemical Tools for Exploratory Drug Discovery at Pfizer."

November 21

Senior Chemistry Presentations:

December 5

Senior Chemistry Presentations:


Seminar program coordinated by D. Whitney King

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