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Seminars are on Fridays from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM in Keyes 105.
Each will be followed by a short reception in Keyes 104.
Link to student hosts for outside speakers.

September 10Organizational Meeting

September 17
John Essigmann

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Design of Anticancer Agents that Hijack Transcription Factors

September 24
Dan Falvey

University of Maryland

Using Photons to Move Electrons: Applications to Organic Chemistry and DNA Repair

October 1
John Baldwin

Syracuse University

Recent Advances in the Thermal Chemistry of Simple Hydrocarbons

October 8
Ann Valentine

Yale University

Bioinorganic Chemistry of Titanium in Medicine and the Environment

October 15
Fall Break


October 22 Maine X-Ray Symposium Keynote Speaker

Special Location: Olin 1

Paul Williard

Brown University

Reactive Organolithium Compounds- NMR, X-ray Diffraction, and Reactivity Studies

October 29 Amy Anderson

Dartmouth College

Targeting Biodefense Organisms: From Structure to Drugs

November 5
David Heroux

University of Maine at Farmington

The Art and Science of Chemical Demonstrations

November 12
Senior Chemistry Presentations:

Tim Newhouse
Jonathan Lees
Melissa Mullen
Kathy Rittner
Amy Campfield
Szymon Mikulski

November 19
Senior Chemistry Presentations:

Michael Feldman
Vassi Zheleva
Cary Fridrich
Corey Gittleman
Devon Hutton
Yan Kung

November 26
Thanksgiving Break


December 3
Senior Chemistry Presentations:

Katie Sigalow
Ivan Mihajlov
Zack Sager
Mike Sirois
Stanislav Presolski
Mike Walsh

December 10Senior Chemistry Presentations:

Ken Pitter
John Cole
C. Rodney Yeoh
Galia Debelouchina
Clara Koh
Kevin Selby

Seminar program coordinated by Julie T. Millard

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