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Fall Seminar 2008

Fall 2009

Seminars are on Fridays from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM in Diamond 122 except when noted otherwise.

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September 5 Organizational Meeting
September 11

Organizational Meeting for all students and Career Center Presentation.

September 18

Dr. Jay Wakerly

"Mechanistic Investigations into the Synthesis of Oxacalix[4]arenes and
Poly(m-Phenylene Oxides)"

Colby College

September 25

Dr. Joaquim Goes

"Shrinking Snowcaps And Rising Tides - The Response Of The Arabian Sea Ecosystem To Abrupt Climate Shift"

Bigelow Institute for Marine Science

October 2

Dr. Caibin Xiao

“Globalization: opportunities and challenges for industrial chemists”

Director of Research and Development, Barclay Water Management.

October 9

Professor Paul Rablen

"Computational investigation of the mechanism of addition of singlet carbenes to cyclopropenes and bicyclobutanes"

Swarthmore College

October 16



Professor Carthene Bazemore-Walker

"Proteomic Analysis of Membrane Proteins"

Brown University

October 23

Professor Malcom Forbes at 11 am in Diamond 122

"Fun Facts About Triplet States: The Photochemistry
of Nanocrystalline Ketones"

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Screening of "The Beer King," a Flemish documentary with English sub-titles, at 3 pm in Keyes 105.

October 30

Tepper, Jared L.; Cox, Andrew M.; Sherry, Kathryn P.; Phillips, Lane A.

November 6

Professor Molly Costanza-Robinson

"Measuring the Air-Water Interface in Soils: Reconciling Method-Dependent Values Using Synchrotron X-ray Microtomography"

Middlebury College

November 13

Brady, James M.; Klein, Gregory M.; Lee, Austin; Bartley, Bethany L.

November 20

Semiar at 3 PM

Professor Robert Field

"Acetylene: Just Large Enough"

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

November 27

Thanksgiving Break


December 4

11:00 Disney, Elizabeth A.; Braunstein, Eric D.; Barringer, Daniel C.; Goods, John B.

3:00 Crapster-Pregont, Ellen J.; Hirsch, David C.; Baldwin, Michael R.; Thomas, Brittany A.

December 11

11:00 DiMento, Brian P.; Brandeis, Alison E.; Clark, J. Russell; Levasseur, Jessica L.  

3:00 Praggastis, V. Alexandra; Coulson, Hannah L.; Paine, Adam  

Seminar program coordinated by Das Thamattoor and D. Whitney King