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(Updated on June 30, 2009)

Colby offers both a conventional (two semesters, CH141 and CH142) and an honors (one semester, CH145) general chemistry curriculum. CH141 covers nomenclature, stoichiometry, limiting reagents, gas laws, thermochemistry, and bonding. CH142 covers kinetics, thermodynamics, equilibria, acid/base reactions, electrochemistry, and descriptive chemistry. CH145 is an accelerated course covering topics similar to those in CH141 and CH142 for students with a strong background in chemistry.

We recommend CH145 for students with a chemistry Advanced Placement examination score of 3 or higher, Chemistry SAT II score above 650, or an International Baccalaureate examination score of 5 or higher.

Students with two years of high school chemistry who have not taken an AP, SAT II, or IB examination may take a placement exam to determine whether their high school preparation is sufficient to enroll in CH145. This test will be administered to interested students at the beginning of the academic year. Students who are considering enrolling in CH145 may contact Professor Kevin Rice ( with questions about placement.

Students with an Advanced Placement 4 or 5 or IB higher level score of 6 or 7 may elect to begin their study at Colby with Organic Chemistry, CH241, upon consultation and approval of the department chair, Professor Whitney King (

Students considering a major in chemistry should enroll in CH 141, CH142 (or CH145 or CH241) and in either the Mathematics 121, 122 or 161, 162 sequence during their first year. Students considering the major in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry should enroll in CH141, 142 (or CH145) and introductory biology during their first year. Students interested in biochemistry should also consider electing MA121, 122 if they have a good background in the sciences.

For more information about the Chemistry Department, please contact:

Professor Whitney King
Chair, Department of Chemistry
(207) 859-5755

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