09/03/2014: Wednesday

Reading: Chapter 1
Lucretius and
atomic theory,

09/05/2014: Friday

Molecular Mechanics Tutorial, Introduction sections 1 and 3 (Force Fields and comparing structures): Reading Due date 09/08/2014.

Print off and bring to lab Molecular Mechanics Exercises, Overview: HIV-Protease and Indinavir, Chapters 1: Building and Minimizing, 2: Conformational Preference of Methylcyclohexane, and 3: Geometry (You don"t need to read them in advance) : Printing Due date 09/08/2014.

Handin homework: Handin 1, : Due date 09/12/2014.

Homework (not to hand in): Ch. 1: 1-3,8,9,13,15,17,18,21,23,25

09/08/2014: Monday

Lab Assignments: error analysis homework, Least Squares Excel spreadsheet, MOE Exercises Questions for Chapt. 1.1,1.2,2.1,3.1-3.6 : Due date 09/17/2014.

Homework to hand in, Homework to do, but not hand in.