09/08/2004: Wednesday

Install Chime on your computer:
Get Chime, or locally for Windows: MDLChimeProSP6 and for Macintosh Netscape 4: Chime 2.6 SP3 Installer. The Chime installer files are also in the \\Chemserver\Chemistry\CH341-2\chime folder on the Chemserver. For Mac OSX users download iMol.
Try out Chime on a molecule of the month: Anatoxin

09/10/2004: Friday

Atkins Ch 1.1-3
Molecular Mechanics Tutorial, Introduction sections 1 and 3 (Force Fields and comparing structures) : Due date 09/13/2004.

Print off and bring to lab Molecular Mechanics Exercises, Chapters 1: Building and Minimizing, 2: Conformational Preference of Methylcyclohexane, and 3: Geometry (You don"t need to read them in advance) : Due date 09/13/2004.

09/13/2004: Monday

Handin Homework 1, : Due date 09/17/2004.

Atkin Ch 1.3-5

09/16/2004: Thursday

Calculus review: 8:00

09/17/2004: Friday

Read for lab on Monday/Tuesday:
Guest Host Complexation of Cyclodextrin, : Due date 09/20/2004.

for lab also bring: HP 8452A Diode Array Spectrophotometer, : Due date 09/20/2004.

Atkin Ch 2.1-6

09/20/2004: Monday

Handin Homework 2, : Due date 09/24/2004.

Lab due Lab due

09/23/2004: Thursday

Calculus review 8:00: Differentials (if that makes a difference to you?)

09/24/2004: Friday

Molecular Mechanics Tutorial, sections 2,4, and Section 6 pp. 35-38 : Due date 09/27/2004.

Molecular Mechanics Tutorial, Exercises: Chapt.4,6,11,12 : Due date 09/27/2004.

Handin due

09/27/2004: Monday

Handin Homework 3, : Due date 10/01/2004.

Lab due Lab due

09/29/2004: Wednesday

Atkins Ch. 2
Atkins_Ch2 E:5a; 9a; 14a; 29a; P:4; E:32a; 33a; 34a; 33a; 36a; 39a; 43a; P:12; 16

10/01/2004: Friday

Handin due

10/06/2004: Wednesday

Atkins_Ch3 E:4a; 8a; 9ab; 13a; 14a; P:1; 3; 12; 13; 22; 23
Atkin Ch 3
Atkins_Ch2 E:22a; 25a; P:25; 28
Handin due

10/07/2004: Thursday

Calculus review tonight, 8:00

10/08/2004: Friday

Atkins Ch. 4.1-3
Atkins_Ch4 E:4a; 5a; 17a; 26a; P:8
Handin due

10/11/2004: Monday

Handin 5, : Due date 10/15/2004.

10/15/2004: Friday

Test 2:00
Handin due 8:00AM

10/20/2004: Wednesday

Atkins Ch 4.4-6
Atkins_Ch4 E:18a; 19a; 22a; 23a; P:1; 6; 9; 16; 18; 22; 26

10/22/2004: Friday

Atkins Ch 5
Handin 6 : Due date 10/29/2004.

Print out, read, and bring to lab:
3D Searching with receptor based queries, : Due date 10/25/2004.

Print out, read the Introduction, QSAR Introduction, and Design and QSAR in: CAMD tutorial, We will do "QSAR of Antitumor Activity in Aziridinyl Benzoquinones" and "Building a Receptor Model" in Lab.
Background reading for help in understanding pharmachopores: Pharmacophores and 3D Searches, Search for Novel Protein Kinase C Agonists, (you don"t need to print these out)

10/25/2004: Monday

Atkins_Ch5 E:4ab; 5a; 9a; 15a; P:6; 8; 10; 13; 17; 18; 20; 31
Lab due

10/29/2004: Friday

11/03/2004: Wednesday

Atkins Ch 6.1-6.8
Ch6 E:4a; 5a; 6a; 8a; 13a; P:4; 9; 17

11/05/2004: Friday

Atkins Ch 7.1-5
Ch7 E:4a; 7a; 10a; 12a; 14a; 15ab; 19a; P:2; 14
The Creative Class, (just for fun)
Lab due

11/08/2004: Monday

Sign up for orals (the sign-up sheet is up)
Lab due

11/19/2004: Friday

Molecular Mechanics Tutorial, Sections 5 (Dynamics) and 8 (Continum Solvation) : Due date 11/22/2004.

Read the Introductions to and bring to lab: Molecular Mechanics Tutorial, Chapters 9 and 10:"Conformational Preference of Small Peptides" and "Dynamics in Small Peptides" and Chapter 13 "Henry"s Law and Gibbs Free Energy of Solvation," : Due date 11/22/2004.

11/22/2004: Monday

Electrostatic Surface Visualization,

11/29/2004: Monday

Don"t forget to put your samples in before class:
Solubility of AgBrO3,
Ch9 E:5a; 8a; 11a; 14a; 19a; P:4; 17; 24
Atkins Ch 9.1-9.4

11/30/2004: Tuesday

Don"t forget to put your samples in before 8:30
Solubility of AgBrO3,

12/01/2004: Wednesday

Atkins Ch. 10
Ch10 E:7a; 11a; 15a; P:21; 22; E:18a-21a; 22a; 24a; 25a; 26a; 32a; P:4; 5
Lab due

12/03/2004: Friday

Try this quizlet:
activity and electrochemistry quiz, (not to hand in)
Lab due

12/08/2004: Wednesday

Atkins_Ch25 E:11a; 14a; 16a; P:6; 7; 12; 13; 20; 30; Ch26 E:3b; 8a; P:19(use Web applet); 27; 31
Ch8 E:5a; 6a; 8.7b
Atkins Ch8.3 a,b ; 8.4 a,b (8.1 and 8.2 are very useful but will not be covered on the final)
Lab due

12/12/2004: Sunday

Atkins 7.6-7 (section 7.8 will not be covered on the final)
Ch7 E:22a; P:8((focus on X(A)=0.6349))
Lab due

12/14/2004: Tuesday

Review session 3:00
I put two pages on Detailed Balance on reserve in the library, if you would like to read about it (from J. H. Noggle, Physical Chemistry 3rd. Ed. pp 544-5)