03/03/2014: Monday

Reading Ch. 25.1-25.2 H-atom

02/05/2014: Wednesday

Handin homework:
General Chemistry Test, : Due date 02/14/2011.

Homework to hand in: Handin 1, : Due date 02/07/2011.
Reading: Shattuck- Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Ch. 23.1-23.3

02/07/2014: Friday

Read for Monday lab:
T1 Determination of beta-ionone.
Read for Monday lab: Atkins Ch18:18.1-18.5,18.7-18.11

02/10/2014: Monday

NMR periodic table,
Homework to hand in: Handin 2, Spectral Deconvolution Excel Example    Spectral Deconvolution: Bromothymol Blue : Due date 02/14/2014.

Check out the photos Erwin Schrodinger and Werner Heisenberg,

Reading: Claridge 2.1-2.5.2
Reading: Shattuck-Ch. 23.4-23.6
Homework (not to hand in): Shattuck-Ch. 23: 1,7,11,20,21,23
An applet to calculate Fourier transforms, (by Jeff Clymer)
Interactive NMR Frequency Map, (use Firefox)

02/13/2014: Wednesday

Homework (not to hand in): Shattuck-Ch. 23: 26-31,33,34,37,42,45

02/14/2014: Friday

Print off and bring to lab on Tuesday:
MOE Exercises, sections: Checklist for Molecular Mechanics Calculations and Chapts 9 & 10: Dynamics in Small Peptides
Scanning tunneling microscopy: Quantum Electron Corrals
Background reading for lab on NMR: Claridge 2.1-2.5.2, 5.1-5.4
Possible terpines for the NMR experiment: terpines,
Reading: Shattuck--Ch. 23.5-23.8

02/17/2014: Monday

Handin homework:
Handin 3, : Due date 02/21/2014.

02/19/2014: Wednesday

Reading: Shattuck--Ch. 23.7-23.8
Calculate the chemical shifts for beta-ionone using the
GIAO, Molecular Orbital approach : Due date 02/26/2014.

02/21/2014: Friday

Reading for Monday Lab:
NOESY, Spectroscopy of beta-ionone, and Claridge: 8.1-8.3, 5.1-5.2

02/24/2014: Monday

Homework (not to hand in): Ch 23:48-50
Reading: Harmonic Oscillator Ch 24: 1-3; Rigid Rotor Ch 24.4
Handin Homework:
Handin 4, : Due date 02/28/2014.

02/26/2014: Wednesday

Lab due

02/28/2014: Friday

Reading: Shattuck-Ch. 24.1-24.6,24.8 Vibration and Rotation
Homework (not to hand in) Ch. 23: 48-50 ; Ch. 24: 3,6,7,9,14,16,18,19,20,21,23
Hand in homework:
Handin 5, : Due date 03/05/2014.

03/01/2014: Saturday

Home work (not to hand in): Ch. 25: 1,3,4,5 (appropriate for test coverage)
Test includes CH. 25.1 ground state of the H-atom

03/02/2014: Sunday

Note the three practice tests through the
Sample Exams, link on the course home page. The following problems will not be covered on this test this year: 2004: not 3,4,10; 2012: not 1,7,and 12

03/05/2014: Wednesday

Reading Ch.25.3

03/06/2014: Thursday

Review Session: 7:00 p.m. Keyes 102

03/11/2014: Tuesday

Reading Ch. 25.4-6,8,9 Multi-electron Atoms
Homework (not to hand in): Ch. 25 (Atoms):5,7,9,10,12,14,17,20,21,23,25,27,28,29,32,36
Handin Homework:
Handin 6, Problem 1 only ( we did't get to Problems 2- 4 in time) : Due date 03/14/2014.

03/14/2014: Friday

Reading for Monday"s lab: "X-ray Diffraction Studies of Powdered Crystals." in R. J. Sime, Physical Chemistry: Methods, Techniques, and Experiments , Exp. 37. (check your e-mail). Instrument instructions are on the lab Web page
Rigaku XRD Instructions. Also, Atkins X-ray diffraction sections: Ch 23.1-3(d). Reading due date 03/17/2014

03/15/2014: Saturday

Handin homework:
Handin 6, Handin 7, For Handin 6 do just 2 and 3; for Handin 7 do just 1 and 3 : Due date 03/21/2014.

03/17/2014: Monday

Reading Ch. 26.1-26.2 Bonding in H2

03/21/2014: Friday

Handin due Handin due

03/31/2014: Monday

Reading Ch. 26.3, 26.4, 26.6 (in preparation for lecture and lab)
Lab reading: MOPAC Instructions for
Diatomics, Molecular Orbitals for Ozone, ( Read the Molecular Orbitals for Ozone completely. The lab report is due at the end of the lab, so you need to be ready to do the data analysis in lab).
Command script for running MOPAC on an OSX system OSX command script,
Homework (not to hand in): Ch26: 2,4,6,7,9ab,12,13,15,21,23,24,26,33(but 33 not for test 2)

04/01/2014: Tuesday

Handin Homework:
Handin 8, : Due date 04/04/2014.

04/02/2014: Wednesday

Review/Workshop on Angular Momentum and Term Symbols (Review Ch 25.4 and 25.6 to prepare) Keyes 102 7:00 p.m.

04/04/2014: Friday

Reading: Ch. 26.7- 26.8 Hybridization and Huckel MO
Reading for Lab on April 5: Sime, Rodney J , "Physical Chemistry: Methods, Techniques, and Experiments" Exp. 38, pp 738-741 and Exp. 40, pp 759-766 (you also might want to review Sime Exp. 37 pp. 725-733) Reading for Lab on April 7: Sime, Rodney J , "Physical Chemistry: Methods, Techniques, and Experiments" Exp. 38, pp 738-741 and Exp. 40, pp 759-766 (you also might want to review Sime Exp. 37 pp. 725-733). Reading due date 4/7/2014

04/07/2014: Monday

Space Groups,
Handin homework: Handin 9, (note the Monday due date) : Due date 04/14/2014.

04/09/2014: Wednesday

Review session: 7:00 p.m. Keyes 102
Home work (not to hand in): Ch. 26: 27 and 28 are good preparation on hybridization for the test.

04/11/2014: Friday

Test: (p.m.) Ch 25.2-25.6; 26.1-26.4, 26.6-26.7, 26.9
Formula sheets:
Atomic Structure, Molecular Structure, will be available at the test
Vibration-Rotation Spectrum of HCl and DCl, Reading for Monday Lab

04/14/2014: Monday

Handin due

04/16/2014: Wednesday

Hand in homework:
Handin 10, Question 1 and IR Normal Mode Analysis of formaldehyde (skip question 2 for this week) : Due date 04/18/2014.

04/18/2014: Friday

Reading Atkins Ch. 16.1-16.16
Homework (not to hand in): Chapt 16. Exercises: 7a,8a,11a,15a,16a,19a,20a,22a,23a,26a Problems: 5,12,15,29

04/19/2014: Saturday

Hand in homework:
Handin 11, Spartan (available in Schupf lab-see signs in lab) and Gaussian (through WebMo) instructions included : Due date 04/25/2014.

04/21/2014: Monday

Reading: Atkins: 17.1-17.4, 17.8-17.10
Homework (not to hand in): Chapt 17 Exercises: 8b,10a,16a Problems: 1,2,11,12,14,19,20,25,27

04/23/2014: Wednesday

Reading: Atkins Ch. 19.1-19.5; Shattuck Ch. 12.1-12.5

04/25/2014: Friday

Handin due

04/28/2014: Monday

Homework to hand in:
Handin 12, : Due date 05/05/2014.

04/30/2014: Wednesday

For lab on Tuesday:
Classical Trajectory Calculations, and Atkins Ch. 27.7-27.8
Homework (not to hand in): Chapt 19. Exercises: 6a,8a,10a,11b,15a Problems: 9,14,15,16,18,22

05/02/2014: Friday

Reading for lab on Monday:
Classical trajectory calculations,

05/05/2014: Monday

Reading Atkins Ch. 19.6-19.7, 20.1-20.2
Homework to hand in:
Hand in 13, Spreadsheet with constants, (E-mail your completed spreadsheet)

05/07/2014: Wednesday

Reading: Atkins 20.3

05/09/2014: Friday

Reading: Atkins 20.3, 20.5-20.7, 27.4-27.8
Homework (not to hand in): Chapt 20. Exercises: 4a,6a,7a,12b,13a,17a Problems: 12; Chapt 27. Exercises: 13a,14a,17a Problems: 15,21

05/16/2014: Friday

Review session 7:00 Keyes 102
Please note the two formula sheets for the material since the last test:
Spectroscopy Formulas, Statistical Mechanics Formulas, (these are also available on the class notes Web page)
Homework (not to hand in): Electronic Spectroscopy Problems Answers, (problems from the in-class handout on molecular term symbols for diatomics)

05/19/2014: Monday

The following Sections will not be covered on the Final: Atkins: 16.5d,16.7,16.8,16.16bc,16.17;17.5-17.10, Box 17.1; 18.12-18.15; 20.4,20.5, Box 20.1

Homework to hand in, Homework to do, but not hand in.