02/03/2010: Wednesday

Handin homework:
General Chemistry Test, : Due date 02/10/2010.

Homework to hand in: Handin 1, : Due date 02/05/2010.

02/05/2010: Friday

Read for Monday/Tuesday lab:
T1 Determination of beta-ionone.

02/08/2010: Monday

NMR periodic table,
Homework to hand in: Handin 2, : Due date 02/12/2010.

Reading: Atkins Ch 11.1-4
Check out the photos Erwin Schrodinger and Werner Heisenberg,

Homework (not to hand in) Atkins_Ch11 E:8a; 10a; 11a; 16a; 18a; 19a
Reading: Claridge 2.1-2.5.2

02/12/2010: Friday

Reading: Atkins 11.5-11.6,12.1-12.3
Atkins_Ch11 P:4; 13; 15; 18; 20; Ch18 E:6a; 8a; 10a; 11a
Reading: Atkins Ch18:18.1-18.5,18.7-18.11
Reading for Monday lab:
NOESY of beta-ionone, and Claridge: 8.1-8.3, 5.1-5.2
Print off and bring to lab on Monday: MOE Exercises, sections: Checklist for Molecular Mechanics Calculations and Chapt 10: Dynamics in Small Peptides
Scanning tunneling microscopy: Quantum Electron Corrals

02/15/2010: Monday

Homework to hand in:
Handin 3, : Due date 02/22/2010.

Possible terpinene unknowns,

02/19/2010: Friday

Reading Atkins Ch 12.4-12.7
Homework (not to hand in): Atkins_Ch11 P:24; Ch12 E:4a; 8a; 10a; P:1; 2; 8; 11; 16
Reading for Monday lab: Claridge: 5.4-5.8, 6.1-6.4

02/22/2010: Monday

Homework (not to hand in): Atkins_Ch12 E:18a; 19a; P:4; 18; 19(do explicit derivatives); 24
Homework to hand in:
Handin 4,

02/24/2010: Wednesday

Reading: Atkins Ch 13.1-13.2
Homework to hand in:
Handin 5, Due Wednesday- : Due date 03/03/2010.

Homework (not to hand in): Atkins_Ch13 E:5a; 6a; 7a(do graphically); 11a; 16a; 16b; P:3; 11; 12; 18

03/01/2010: Monday

Homework (not to hand in): Atkins_Ch.12 P:5 (perturbation theory)

03/03/2010: Wednesday

Handin due

03/08/2010: Monday

Test Chapter Sections 11(all); 12.1-12.9; 13.1-13.2
Hand in homework:
Handin 6, : Due date 03/12/2010.

03/12/2010: Friday

Reading for Monday"s lab: "X-ray Diffraction Studies of Powdered Crystals." in R. J. Sime, Physical Chemistry, Exp. 37. (see Library Reserves) Also, Atkins X-ray diffraction sections: Ch 23.1-3(d). Reading Due date 03/15/2010.
Reading Atkins: Ch 13.3-13.9; 14.1-14.2

03/17/2010: Wednesday

Reading McQuarrie and Simon: Ch 8.8-8.9; Ch 11
Homework to hand in:
Handin 7, : Due date 03/19/2010.

Homework (not to hand in): Atkins_Ch13 E:18a; 19a; 21a; 22a; 23a; Ch14 E:7a; 7b; 10b; 11a; 13a; 13b; P: 2; 4; 8; 14

03/19/2010: Friday

Make sure to read the Introduction in
Molecular Orbitals for Ozone, pp. 1-5, for Lab on Monday after Spring break. Reading due date 03/29/2010.
Make sure to bring Diatomics Mopac Instructions, to lab on Monday

03/29/2010: Monday

Molecular Orbitals for Ozone
The command file to run Mopac on a Mac using the MOE installed version of Mopac is here Run MOPAC on OS-X,

03/30/2010: Tuesday

Homework to hand in:
Handin 8, (the MOE file is already available on the PC"s in the Schupflab, for Macs the database file is Mutagenicity of Chlorofuranone Derivatives database

03/31/2010: Wednesday

Atkins_Ch14 P:19; 21; Ch17 E:5a; 6b
Reading Atkins Ch. 14.3-14.9

04/02/2010: Friday

Handin 8 answers,
Reading for Lab on April 5: Sime, Rodney J , "Physical Chemistry: Methods, Techniques, and Experiments" Exp. 38,pp 738-741 and Exp. 40,pp 759-766 (you also might want to review Sime Exp. 37 pp. 725-733), which are all on electronic reserve. Reading : Due date 04/05/2010.

04/05/2010: Monday

Here is some help visualizing some
space groups,
Here"s some help on understanding structure factors: structure factor applet,

04/07/2010: Wednesday

Chirped pulse Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy
pulsed FT-microwave, Brooks Pate Lab, University of Virginia
Review session, Wednesday 7:00 pm Keyes 102
Reading Atkins Ch. 16.1-16.6, 16.9-16.12

04/09/2010: Friday

Test (PM) Atkins Ch. 13.4-14.9 McQuarrie and Simon: Ch 8.8-8.9; Ch 11
For lab on Monday:
Vibrational-Rotational Spectroscopy of HCl and DCl, Reading Due Monday April 12

04/12/2010: Monday

Homework to hand in:
Handin 10, and Excel formatted data, : Due date 04/16/2010.

04/14/2010: Wednesday

Reading Atkins: Ch. 17.1-4
Homework (not to hand in): Atkins_Ch16 E:11a; 8a; 19a; 15a; 25a; 7a; 20a; 22a; 23a; 26a; P:5; 12; 15

04/16/2010: Friday

Handin due

04/19/2010: Monday

Here is my version of the discussion of
Molecular Term Symbols, and the homework answers,
Homework to hand in: Handin 11, : Due date 04/23/2010.

04/23/2010: Friday

Handin answers:
Handin 11-UV and IR spectra,

04/26/2010: Monday

Homework to hand in:
Handin 12, : Due date 04/30/2010.

04/30/2010: Friday

For Lab on Monday:
Classical Trajectory Calculations, Reading Due 05/03/2010
Reading: Ch. 16.7-16.8, 16.13-16.16; Ch 17.8-17.9; Ch. 19; Ch. 20
Homework (not to hand in): Atkins_Ch16 P:29; Ch17 E:16a; P:1; 2; 11; 12; 14; 19; 20; 25; 27
Homework (not to hand in): Atkins_Ch19 E:6a; 8a; 10a; 11b; 15a; P:9; 14; 15; 16; 18; 22; Ch20 E:4a; 6a; 7a(a,b,c); 12b; 13a; 17a; P:12

05/03/2010: Monday

Reading: Atkins Ch. 27.4-27.8
Homework to hand in:
Handin 13, and Speadsheet without formulas, : Due date 05/07/2010.

05/05/2010: Wednesday

Homework (not to hand in): Atkins_Ch27 E:13a; 14a; 17a; P:15; 21
Reading: Atkins 27.1-27.2

05/07/2010: Friday

Reading: Atkins 27.1
Homework (not to hand in): Atkins_Ch27 E:4a; 5a; 7a;

05/15/2010: Saturday

Review session: Saturday 4:00 PM

Homework to hand in, Homework to do, but not hand in.