Laboratory: CH342

§ CH342 Lab Manual §

T1 Determination, Spin Lattice Relaxation of beta-Ionone

Nuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy of beta-Ionone

       Calculating NMR Chemical Shifts for beta-Ionone

O3 and BF3 Molecular Orbital Calculations: MOPAC Overview
and if you haven't gotten them already: MOPAC Instr uctions for Diatomics

Rigaku Powder X-Ray Diffractometer Instructions (see Sime for theory)

Single Crystal X-Ray Crystallography and Crystal Structure of Potassium Permanganate (see Sime for theory)

Rate Constant for Fluorescence Quenching

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Graphite

Vibration-Rotation Spectrum of HCl and DCl
       ax2+bx+c curve fitting: quadest.xls
       Non-linear Least Squares Curve Fitting

The Dissociation Energy of Halogen Gases, I2and Br2

The Kinetic Method: Silver Ion Affinities of Amino Acids

Dye Lasers

NMR Deterimnation of the Roational Barrier of N,N-Dimethylacetamide

Laser Flash Photolysis

Classical Trajectory Calculations, H+HF reaction

Instrument Instructions

Ocean Optics Spectrophotometers with Vernier Data Acquisition Software Instructions

Perkin Elmer 650-10S Scanning Spectrofluorimeter

Varain VNMRS 500 MHz NMR 1-D Instructions

Varian VNMRS 500 MHz NMR Automated 2-D Instructions

Varian VNMRS 500 MHz NMR Tuning and Temperature Control Instructions

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