K inetics M echanism S imulation

+ + = + +    kf=    kr=
+ + = + +    kf=    kr=
+ + = ++    kf=    kr=
+ + = ++    kf=    kr=
+ + = ++    kf=    kr=

Initial Conditions:

A0:   B0:   C0:   X0:   Y0:   P0:   Q0:   M:   N:  
(M and N are constant concentration reservoirs, such as a background gas, the vessel walls, or a constant flow source.)

Plot Variables:           Better plot quality (requires Java)
Maximum time: Time steps:
(To see an animation click on Initialize, and then repeatedly on Step. To generate a plot click on Run Full.)

Tabular Output:

You can copy and paste the tabulated data into EXCEL or other applications.

The Java plotting routines are courtesy of Leigh Brookshaw.

Colby Chemistry, T. W. Shattuck, 7/20/2011