Thermometric Titration Simulation

Titration of a weak polyprotic acid with a strong base (NaOH or KOH).
Concentration for base: mM     Addition volume: mL     Run volume: %
Volume: mL     Sample concentration [HnA]: mM    

Equilibrium Constants and Enthalpies of Neutralization
pK1   dH1   kJ/mol
pK2   dH2   kJ/mol
pK3   dH3   kJ/mol
pK4   dH4   kJ/mol
pK5   dH5   kJ/mol
pK6   dH6   kJ/mol
pK7   dH7   kJ/mol
pK8   dH8   kJ/mol

dH(H+)   kJ/mol

Titration Curve:

You can copy and paste the results into Excel for convenient plotting.

Colby College Chemistry, Thomas W. Shattuck, 6/10/03