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Seminars are on Fridays from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM in Keyes 105 unless noted otherwise.

February 4Colby Faculty Poster Presentation

Second Floor of Keyes

February 11
David Pratt

University of Pittsburgh

Molecular Secrets from High Resolution Spectroscopy in the Gas Phase

February 18
Francois Amar

University of Maine

Simulating the Structure and Dynamics of Heterogeneous Nanoclusters

February 25
Paula Schlax

Bates College

Roles of RNA Structure and Function in the Bacterial Response to Environmental Stress

March 4
S. Elliot Kollman

Maine State Police Crime Laboratory

A Chemist in DNA's Court -- the Other Side of Forensic Science

March 11 Senior Chemistry Presentations:

Michael Feldman
Kathy Rittner
Clara Koh
Mike Sirois

March 16th, 4:30 PM (note special day and time)Scott Whitlow '99

Harvard Medical School

Manipulating the Immune System: Lessons in T-cell Development

March 25
Spring Break


April 1 Senior Chemistry Presentations:

Devon Hutton
Corey Gittleman
Rodney Yeoh
Cary Fridrich

April 8
Senior Chemistry Presentations:

Kenneth Pitter
Tim Newhouse
Szymon Mikulski
Amy Campfield

April 15
Senior Chemistry Presentations:

Katie Sigalow
Stanislav Presolski
Melissa Mullen
Ivan Mihajlov

April 22
Senior Chemistry Presentations:

Kevin Selby
Michael Walsh
Zachary Sager
Vassy Zheleva

April 29
Senior Chemistry Presentations:

Jonathan Lees
Galia Debelouchina
John Cole
Yan Kung

May 6


Seminar program coordinated by Julie T. Millard

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