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Spring 2010

February 12

Organizational Meeting (11:00 AM, Arey 5)

February 19

Colby Chemistry Research Posters and Refreshments

Keyes 2nd floor hallway at 3:00 pm

February 26

Brian Lancor (3:00 PM, Keyes 105)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Physics Dept.

Spin Exchange Optical Pumping Efficiency

March 5

Prof. Scott Gerber (11:00 AM, Arey 5)

Dartmouth Medical School Dept. of Genetics

Quantitative Phosphoproteomics in Mitosis

March 12

Prof. Amy Deveau (3:00 PM, Keyes 105)

University of New England Dept. of Chemistry & Physics

Addicted to Medicinal Chemistry!: Progress in the Synthesis and Structural Evaluation of Biologically Interesting Naltrexol Derivatives

March 19
March 26

no seminar; enjoy your break!

April 2

Prof. Rein Kirss (11:00 AM, Arey 5)

Northeastern University Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Ferrocenyl Phosphines: Aryl Phosphines or Substituted Ferrocenes

April 9
Senior Presentations (11:00 AM, Arey 5):
Jessica Levasseur, Bethany Bartley, and Hannah Coulson


Senior Presentations (3:00 PM, Keyes 105):
Jared Tepper, Daniel Barringer, and Lane Phillips

April 16
Senior Presentations (11:00 AM, Arey 5):
Kate Sherry, David Hirsch, and Brittany Thomas


Senior Presentations (3:00 PM, Keyes 105):
Ali Brandeis, Ellen Crapster-Pregont, and John Goods

April 23

Prof. Robert Hinkle (11:00 AM, Arey 5)

The College of William and Mary Chemistry Dept

Environmentally-Friendly, Bi(III)-Initiated
Multicomponent Methods Towards Cyclic Ethers

April 30
Senior Presentations (11:00 AM, Arey 5):
Brian DiMento, Elizabeth Disney, and Greg Klein


Senior Presentations (3:00 PM, Keyes 105):
Adam Paine, Eric Braunstein, Austin Lee, and Mike Baldwin

May 7
Senior Presentations (11:00 AM, Arey 5):
Andrew Cox, Russell Clark, and James Brady

Link to tips for a successful presentation!

Seminar program coordinated by Rebecca Conry

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