CHED 224

Investigation of the chemiluminescence reaction dynamics of H2O2 and acridinium esters for optimization of FIA for natural H2O2 samples

Megan L. Melamed, Nicholas P. Bizier, Sara B. Lovitz, Stephen M. Theberge, and D. Whitney King. Department of Chemistry, Colby College, 5750 Mayflower Hill, Colby College, Waterville, ME 04901, fax: 207-872-3804,

Hydrogen peroxide is a ubiquitous oxidant in the environment and plays a significant role in redox processes in both surface waters and the troposphere. Recently, Cooper et al. reported a new chemiluminescence technique for H2O2 analysis based on the alkaline reaction of 10-methyl-9-(p-formylphyenyl)-acridinium carboxylate trifluoromethanesulfonate with H2O2. Using this CL reaction, we have developed a flow injection analysis system for nM analysis of H2O2 in natural waters. A detailed kinetic investigation of the CL reaction allowed optimization of flow cell geometry, reaction dynamics, and reagent programming.