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Colby Students at National American Chemical Society Meetings
Abstracts from the Spring 2004 American Chemical Society Meeting in Anaheim
Abstracts from the Spring 2003 American Chemical Society Meeting in New Orleans
Abstracts from the Spring 2002 American Chemical Society Meeting in Orlando
Pictures from the Spring 2002 Americal Chemical Society Meeting in Orlando
Abstracts from the Spring 2001 American Chemical Society Meeting in San Diego
Abstracts from the Spring 2000 Americal Chemical Society Meeting in San Francisco

DNA interstrand cross-linking by a diepoxide mycotoxin Jacob E. Conklin('00) and Julie T. Millard*

Interactions of Sn(IV) and Ti(IV) organometallic complexes with double-stranded DNA: ICP-AES and HPLC analysis. S. U. Dunham*, K. M. Davies('00)

Structural implications of incorporating 6-thioguanine into a DNA quadraplex. S. U. Dunham*, M. A. Davis('00), D.J. Davis('00)

Synthesis and characterization of iron complexes as potential enzyme inhibitors. S. U. Dunham*, J. T. Gatlin('00)

Synthesis of Ruthenium antitumor agents. H. K. Izumi('00), W.L. Smith*

Determination of the wavelength dependence on the metal-catalyzed degradation rate of the herbicides 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and atrazine. C. Langelier('00), T. Bertram('00), D. W. King*

Investigation of the chemiluminescence reaction dynamics of H2O2 and acridinium esters for optimization of FIA for natural H2O2 samples. M. L. Melamed('00), N. P. Bizier('01), S. B. Lovitz('01), S. M. Theberge*, D. W. King*

Determination of nizatidine-guest complexation constants and computer-aided molecular design. C. J. Mordas('00), T. W. Shattuck*

Search for convenient precursors to hydroxycarbenes. D. M. Thamattoor*, S. Poplawski('00)

Computational approaches for estimating iron complexation constants in environmental systems. J. M. St.Clair('00), D. W. King*, T. W. Shattuck*

Cisplatin interstrand cross-linking of defined sequence nucleosomal DNA. E. E. Wilkes('00), J. T. Millard*

Catechol approach to natural products. M. E. Weber('00), S. T. Neville('00), B. P. Mundy*

Abstracts from the Spring 1999 Americal Chemical Society Meeting in Anaheim

Healy('99), M. L., B. P. Mundy*, C. J. Rogan('99), and F. A. Fekete*. "Isolation of antimicrobial compounds from Arctium lappa."

King*, D. W. and R. A. Farlow('01). "Comprehensive electron-transfer model for Fe(II) oxidation by O2 and H2O2 in natural waters."

King*, D. W. and J. M. St.Clair('00). "Computational studies of site-specific hydroxyl radical attack on substituted phenols mediated by chloride."

Millard*, J. T., D. W. Comeau('99), S. Bellavia, and J. E. Eckert. "Maximization of the essential oils in Echinacea purpura and Valeriana officinalis."

Millard*, J. T., A. Wooley('99), A. Thompson('99), J. E. Conklin('00), and J. M. St.Clair('00). "Interstrand cross-linking of the 5S DNA of Xenopus borealis."

Plummer('99), R., C. Dube('99), and D. W. King*. "Hydroxyl radical probe for analysis in natural waters."

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