The text you type will be set using the current attributes. You can change the attributes between letters. Press "Set" to render your font. A preview will be shown above. You can then cut and paste the HTML code from the text box at the bottom of this page into your own HTML document.
Font Color: or: Size:
Position: normal subscript superscript
Safe (1)SpecificSpecific Style
Serif Times Georgia Italic
Sans-Serif Helvetica Impact Bold
Cursive Palatino Trebuchet Underline
Monospace Symbol abg Verdana Strike
Fantasy Arial (2) Comic-Sans Blink
Letter Background: or use:
Border: or use:
Preview Background: or use:
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1. These "safe" generic font types will make your text readable on all systems using Netscape 4. The other columns list fonts that will not be available on all systems. In fact, if the font doesn't look different from your default font, then that font isn't available on your system.
2. The last fonts are True-Type Web fonts available from Microsoft.
3. You can edit the contents of the output field directly, and then press Set again to reset your type.