CLAS Session Sponsors,
Thanks for making this opportunity available to your students.  For those who are sponsors for Thursday sessions, please keep the following in mind.
Please manage the time in your session.  The times are listed in the printed program, on the CLAS website–under the CLAS 2017 Schedules tab, and on the CLAS App.  Please make sure that your students respect their start/end times.  Attendees will be counting on those start times as they build their schedules, so resist the temptation to switch order or start times.
Come early; leave on time.  In most (though not all) cases, it will be possible for you to get into your room a little bit before your session.  If so, please go ahead and “load up” the presentations onto the computer to save time during the session.  Please plan to leave the room at your end time.  A few of the transitions are really tight.
Technical problems?  Help is available.  We have a set of Tech Troubleshooters who will be in Diamond–based in the Atrium but available for wherever you need them.  They will be wearing Orange CLAS t-shirts.  If you don’t see one, call the hotline number: x4245.
Be clever!  We’ve tried to anticipate the different things that could happen, but this is a very large event.  Work to find good solutions to any problems that arise.
My cell is 207-861-1183 if that proves necessary or helpful.
Have a great day!!!!