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Questions and Answers

Below are some of the questions asked by incoming first-year students. If you have a question that isn't answered here, use the form at the bottom of this page to send it in. If you'd prefer a personal response from a current student, you may want to visit the Admissions Office's "Ask a Student" page.

photo Is credit awarded for college level courses taken during high school?
Yes, credit can be given if the courses were taken on a college campus along with other college students and taught by a college professor. Colby's registrar ( will review your transcript and determine how many credits will transfer for a particular course.

Does my finacial aid apply to study abroad and exchange programs?
Yes, your financial aid may be used for all approved study abroad programs, including those that are open to first year students in London, Salamanca, and Dijon. A number of domestic exchange programs also permit you to use Colby aid. In any of these courses of study, student aid is based on the actual cost of the program up to a maximum of Colby's expense budget. Details about the variety of programs available may be found in the course catalogue on the web.

When do I need to be on campus if I am planning on participating in a fall sport?
Fall first-year athletes arrive on August 28 to check in for COOT like all other frosh. Most people coming from a distance stay over the night before in local accommodations to get an early start on the 28th. On that day you check into your room and you may have a team meeting and one practice, depending on each coach's particular schedule. Try outs and practices will resume after your return from COOT.

How does registration work? What do I have to do and who do I get in touch with when I have a question regarding a specific classes?
In early June a packet will be sent to you and it will include (among other items) course registration materials. You will be able to contact the New Student Hotline if you have specific questions, as well as communicate directly with any academic department.

Which upper-level courses (above 100s) are available to first-year students and how does one pre-register for one?
You could speak to professors over the summer (sometimes difficult with summer travel), but most 200-level classes will be elected at Registration in September. Some History courses allow first-years to enroll, and some other departments will look at AP results to allow 200 level placement, but it is not possible to make a list of possibilities. In short, signing up for a 200 level course will take place after you've gotten permission from the instructor and spoken with your faculty adviser.

What about jobs on campus, I have no financial aid but need to work?
Any student can get a job on campus; you don't have to be on aid. When you arrive on campus, you may want to contact the student worker coordinator in the Student Financial Services Office to see what openings exist. It's an open market, so anyone can work anywhere that is hiring.

Are students allowed to have cars on campus?
Yes, all students, including first-years, are allowed to have cars on campus and parking is available in campus parking lots. All vehicles must be registered with the Department of Security (at no charge) and a student parking sticker displayed on the vehicle.

What kind of furniture items are already in the rooms? How big are the beds?
The College supplies a bed, a mattress (not a twin size - at 36" x 80", they are considered "extra long"), a desk with a chair, a wardrobe/closet, and a dresser for each person. You will need to bring your own bed linens (twin size contour sheets are not suggested, as they will not fit your bed), a mattress pad, a pillow, blankets, a bedspread, and towels. You'll receive a mailing from the Residence Hall Linens company later this summer. Due to limited storage facilities for bed frames, Colby discourages the practice of constructing lofts. A wastebasket is essential, but should be made of metal. Tapestry-type ceiling/wall hangings, candles, oil lamps, and incense are not permitted as they present a potential fire hazard.

What about AP exams and scores? I haven't received my test results yet; how do I preregister for my Colby classes?
If Colby was listed as a recipient of your scores, we'll receive your scores at about the same time as you do. Scores of 4 and 5 will earn credit toward the Colby degree, and be used in placement. Don't assume you'll be exempted from a class at Colby; sign up for your courses as if you had not taken the APs.

The Registrar will review all scores received and automatically implement appropriate exemptions and placement using your alternate choices. For example, a 4 or 5 on the English test will earn six credits and exemption from EN115 (Composition).

If you took any AP exams before your senior year (before you knew you were coming to Colby), but none in your senior year, you should write to the testing service and have those results sent. (Colby's CEEB number is 3280.)

How do I send packages ahead of time?
Address packages to:
    Your Name
    c/o Eustis Mailroom
    4000 Mayflower Hill
    Colby College
    Waterville, ME 04901
You will then be able to pick them up upon your arrival.

I live far from Colby; can I come early to get into my room?
The halls will not be available until Tuesday, August 28, 2001; check-in will begin at 9 a.m. at the Cotter Union. Most students coming from a distance will stay overnight the night before in local motels. On Tuesday, you will be able to move your belongings into your room and participate in the activities leading up to COOT, which leaves the next morning.

Didn't see the answer to your question . . . well then send it in using the form below. We will e-mail you back with an answer and your question and answer will be added to this page so others may benefit from it.

If you'd prefer a personal response from a current student, you may want to visit the Admissions Office's "Ask a Student" page.



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