Now What?

Now What?

Anxious Seniors Ponder Their Next Move

By Abigail Wheeler '04

Kristan Jiggetts
Because Colby doesn't offer a film and television major, Kristan Jiggetts had to blaze her own undergraduate path. "I knew I wanted to go into writing and focus on pop culture, film, anything kind of current and what I would consider exciting," Jiggetts said. "I chose American studies as a major because it combines history, English, sociology and you can pretty much put anything into it, so you can take the best things that you can find and make it to fit you. I also have a concentration in creative writing, on the fiction track. I took screenwriting with Professor [Jenny] Boylan freshman year and I really enjoyed it. . . .

"I think it's really important to make socially responsible film, and I think that's half the problem with the film industry. So that's what my ultimate goal would be,trying to put something positive out there, positive images of people."

Jiggetts crosses her lanky swimmer's legs (she's captain of the swim team) as she explains that she took classes in directing and editing last summer at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts program in Florence, Italy, and she produced a short film called Ciao, Ciao, Firenze. At Colby, she's generated a 60-page screenplay.

So far, Jiggetts has got one film program application done,to UCLA. While grad school would be great, she's also considering getting a job after graduation. But how do you break into the film business? She says she's "talking to anyone I know, anybody who knows anybody or anything!"

Still, Jiggetts is worried. "It's funny because one of my roommates is an economics major and so she's been doing this whole job thing . . . she's already had interviews! Am I doing something wrong here? I don't want to be a lifeguard next summer, but is that what it's coming to? So it's been stressful because everybody convinces you that if you don't find a job you're going to be living in your car next year."