Now What?

Now What?

Anxious Seniors Ponder Their Next Move

By Abigail Wheeler '04

Kearney Shanahan
Kearney Shanahan has been a COOT leader and a varsity swimmer, and he serves on the Academic Affairs Committee, the Educational Policy Committee for the Board of Trustees, the Task Force on Statement of Values and the Appeals Board. A biology major with aspirations to attend medical school someday, Shanahan still is diversifying his interests and options.This year he's added one more thing,his bid to start a Consulting Club at Colby.

"Consulting works for liberal arts majors," he said. "There's analytical thinking. Multi-tasking. Maybe a little bit of quantitative stuff. It's a broad field; that's why it fits so well with different things that each individual at a liberal arts school can do."

His interest in consulting was sparked at the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth last summer. "I've always had an interest in government and economics but I didn't major in those. . . . But I still took a lot of econ classes because it's something I enjoy and something that I come easy to. I decided to attend [Tuck] this past summer just to sort of get the experience because you know, we learn theories all through college and once I was able to get my hands on something to work around with, I realized this is something I really enjoy."

Shanahan has had interviews with Cambridge Associates, an investment consulting firm, the CBR Institute for Biomedical Research and Horst, Frisch, Clowery & Finan, Inc., the economic consulting firm. "At the beginning of the year it's like, 'I need a job. I don't care where.' But as you do it and as you talk to more people about different firms, culture, you realize, 'I really don't want to work there,' or 'I really do want to work there.' For me, I think that issues of teamwork, and that being what brings a group together and focuses them, are important factors. Because in consulting, if you're at work until midnight, you want to be there with someone you can remotely connect with on a personal level because otherwise it's just going to be miserable."