Wit & Wisdom



"Her death has touched this community in ways that are still unfolding."
Father Philip Tracy, Catholic chaplain, in remarks at a memorial service for Dawn Rossignol '04, held November 8.
"If there was a military draft in this country and we were at war, young people would read the newspapers. Trust me."
Matt Storin, editor emeritus of The Boston Globe, at the Goldfarb Center symposium on journalism.
"I'm going to use one of those clichés: It is like ticket to life."
Andriy Avramenko '04, a Davis-United World College Scholar from Ukraine, speaking at a dinner with Shelby and Gail Davis about what the four-year scholarship has meant to him and his fellow Davis-UWC Scholars.
"Sunday is not a day off. Sunday is not Sunday anymore. People don't have time for a Sunday paper."
Rex Rhoades, executive editor of the Lewiston Sun Journal, speaking on "Journalists and their Communities," at a symposium on journalism offered by the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement in conjunction with the Elijah Parish Lovejoy convocation, October 15.
"If it weren't for the government or the air, Beijing would be a nice place to live."
Erik Eckholm, former New York Times Beijing bureau chief, speaking in the Lovejoy Building on the anniversary of Elijah Parish Lovejoy's death (November 7) about press freedom and the role of the foreign press in contemporary China.
"It's ten degrees colder in Minneapolis this weekend. I'm in good shape."
Vice President for College Relations Richard Ammons, formerly vice president at Macalester College, listening to complaints about the first blast of winter a week after his arrival at Colby.
"Incoming"..."The rounds are dangerously close."
President Bro Adams and Dean of Admissions Parker Beverage (one Vietnam veteran to another) in December, after yet another dynamite blast on the Colby Green construction.
 "Next to an uppity eighth grader, they're a piece of cake."
Sunrise Professor of Physics Robert Bluhm, in a talk to trustees, contrasting his experiences teaching in a New York City middle school with teaching physics to Colby pre-med students.